Top 10 Marvel Movies
by Triston Cabral

10#Ant Man

Ant Man is a fun movie. It has a put together story and comedic characters. What the movie lacks is substance, while it is a fun movie there is no impact on the universe and the plot just feels like filler to get to the next joke.

9#Avengers Age of Ultron

I'm really not a big fan of this movie, but there are two reasons it gets on the list. First of all is the breathtaking production value, this movie looks great! Second is Ultron himself, I mean this guy’s cool. He has an awesome design and is plenty intimidating.

8#Iron Man

Iron man is what started everything. Robert Downey Jr. was made for the role and the special effects at the time were astounding. Personally however I find the movie a bit boring and cliched, can't deny greatness however.


What can I say about Avengers? We love crossovers, look at King Kong vs Godzilla and Kingdom Hearts, crossovers are popular. Avengers is not only a good movie but maxes out to levels of fanservice unheard of.

6#Captain America Winter Soldier

From here on out I consider each movie a modern masterpiece, Winter Soldier was the first Marvel movie to be something...more. This movie has a great building story, with great plot twists. The real highlight of this film is the perfectly choreographed action sequences that will go down as some of the best media has to offer.

5# Spiderman Homecoming

This movie is what Ant Man wishes it could be, the ultimate fun movie. All the jokes land, all the characters are likable, all the action is not only cool, but believable. Homecoming also fixes the problem Ant Man has by having an engaging plot and one of the best plot twists in cinema history. Eat your heart out Shyamalan.

4# Thor Ragnarok

The most recent Marvel movie had one goal. To be awesome. As soon as the movie starts Thor is fighting demons while Led Zeppelin blares. The characters are some of the most likable and the ending is very clever. I also felt like this really progressed Marvel Cinematic Universe.

3# Captain America Civil War

I consider this the best Avenger movie to date. While it doesn't have the title “Avengers Civil War” it might as well since this has all the staples and then some. All the heroes had time to shine, even Ant Man and the previously unreleased Spider Man, who sorry Andrew Garfield but this is my Spider Man. If I had to look for a flaw it would be that the motivations for them fighting are...shaky at best.

2#Guardians of the Galaxy1/2

What a shocker! Not a soul knew who the Guardians of the Galaxy were before the cinematic films. Now I can go anywhere without seeing Groot or a Star Lord mask. This movie had style, a jammin 80’s soundtrack and the most likable characters I’ve seen in a movie to date.These movies will be crowned as the true cinema greats, along with Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

1# Doctor Strange I think the Guardian Movies are better than Doctor Strange on a technical level. The reason why I love Doctor Strange much more is because of what it did with the formula. Strange doesn't get Superpowers, he works for them. Strange has flaws, he’s human not some idol like Iron man or Captain America. The movie uses the flashy marvel effects to a whole new degree by having these almost trippy effects, seeing the buildings shift, Strange fight as a ghost, and the whole flying through space segment are honestly the most breathtaking sights I’ve seen at the cinema. The villain is forgettable but the ending, and how Strange wins is the most clever victory I’ve seen in media. This is more than a movie, this is an experience.

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