Dylan Fishkin

Staff Writer

All Artists End or Start With the Same Canvas

Art is creative, crazy, beautiful, ugly, and every other verb you can think. Its how someone can express how they’re feeling or show who they are on the inside. That’s why when you hear their backstories or other life events it’s unfortunate. You hear the same thing from most artists though. Tragic childhood, seen some stuff, lost someone close, etc. Almost every artist has the same story, and it’s sad that it’s that kind of backstory.

Art has always allowed people to express themselves in the only way they enjoy or that makes sense. It is sad though when almost all creativity comes from bad experiences and pain. “The tragedy that is human cruelty is caused by motivations that the greatest works of art — including opera, theater, film, literature, and painting — help us understand in ways that dogma, ideology, and analysis cannot.”(Fred Plotkin, “Understanding Tragedy Through Art”, http://www.wqxr.org/story/understanding-tragedy-through-art/) Tragedy can create beauty; artists have proven that in their artworks, but being exposed to disaster should not be the optimal source of creativity, by that logic, pain leads to pleasure. That’s just disturbing and wrong; pain should never be the source of someone’s pleasure. That is what screws people up inside their head. I can only imagine what most artists have been through in their life.”More jarring than the sadness that comes with inevitable life changes are the stunning jolts we feel when something unexpected happens, whether it is to an individual we may or may not know or on a massive scale as a result of human error or cruelty or due to a natural disaster.”(Fred Plotkin, “Understanding Tragedy Through Art”, http://www.wqxr.org/story/understanding-tragedy-through-art/)

Some know pain better than others, and some have collapsed from her touch, but she should not be the source of inspiration. She should give you a taste of life, and that’s it.

Dylan Fishkin

Staff Writer

                           Walk The Road YOU Wish to Walk

   Religion is something unseen by millennials in society, and the teens who do live in a religious house and environment are raised under the ideology that they must undergo and mirror the religion of their parents. They usually are not encouraged to discover their faith or think for themselves religiously. Religious freedom is a right to the citizens of the United States, shouldn’t that same power be practiced inside our homes?

   We live today in a society where, commonly, religion is not publicised or often shown in commercials and advertisements. While true, prayer is continued in America but is sadly forced upon children. Most children with religious parents are taught that their parent's religion is the “true one” or that “every other religion is wrong.” They learn those sayings at a young age, and as they mature and grow into their teen years, they are not told anything different, nor encouraged to seek out their religion. The best teenagers do in today's society is alternating how they practice their religion. Many young teens change and mold things about their religion for it to be more comfortable for them or line with how they perceive their religion.“Most days, I seek time to meditate, but that is more for my state of mind rather than my religion, I guess,” Thompson said. “I don’t attend church or go to a temple.”(Teens Navigate Their Own Paths When it Comes To Religion, https://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-mash/teens-navigate-their-own_b_8394484.html )

   Teenagers today even decide not to believe in any religion because of the complications of faith. However, most teenagers also choose to avoid religion because of all the questions they have that can not be answered or shown. Teenagers most commonly question if God or Jesus is real and no public announcement or irrefutable fact has been proven the existence of God or Jesus.”Agnosticism, the belief that the existence of a god cannot be proven, and atheism, the disbelief in god or gods, are other religious perspectives that some teens seem to find compelling. Though in 2014 only seven percent of Americans identified as agnostic or atheist, that number had grown three percent since 2007.”(Teens Navigate Their Own Paths When it Comes To Religion, https://www.huffingtonpost.com/the-mash/teens-navigate-their-own_b_8394484.html )

   It is sad to see confused children and teenagers whose parents do not encourage them to find their path in every aspect. It is not fair to children to force them to believe what parents believe; everyone has their walk with religion, let your children discover what they want to learn.

Aileen Villegas

Staff Writer


   The movie COCO is about, a young boy named  Miguel who has dreams of becoming a professional musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, despite his family's ban on music. Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel soo finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. After meeting a  trickster named Héctor, the two new friends go on an extraordinary journey to see the true story behind Miguel's family history.  The movie came out on November 22, 2017, and it has a box office of 89.6 million, people have been sharing the film since the time released. Maria Estrada said, “The movie was great, and it made me cry especially the part when the grandma dies, it made me feel connected to my grandma and my culture.” I recommend the movie 100%; it's a great family movie and a great time for bonding with loved ones. Mikayla said, “it was a good blend of funny and emotional and the feeling of not fitting in each person has experience in their life.”

   The emotions that came with the movie hit hard because it was so adorable and funny but yet it has those moments where you just want to cry. I cried a few times, but it was indeed a beautiful movie. You should watch this movie with the ones you loved because it shows you how important family is.

Anime, a nationwide favorite!

Sierra Brigance

Staff Writer

Anime, a nationwide favorite has begun to increase in popularity.  Many teens and kids watch this amazing genre of shows.  Anime is Japanese based shows, and sometimes there are episodes in English. Anime is a genre many people enjoy.

Many popular anime shows that teens and children love to enjoy Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, Sword Art Online and Attack on Titan. Each anime has a different way of entertaining their audience with the anime. Anime is a very common topic teenagers like to entertain and talk to each other about.  Anime has been around for a long time. Finally, Anime is a fascinating topic.

One of my sources states “Anime is defined as a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children” (www.debate.org).

What this means is that anime was created to aim for adults and children, which I agree with. My second source states “ The word “anime” refers to Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation. When the word is used outside of Japan, anime often conjures colorful graphics, magical or fantastical settings and spirited characters” (www.cmany.org). What this means is that anime usually is referred as very colorful in graphics and has strong characters. Finally, anime is the number one thing that Japan and the United States have in common.

One of my interviewer says “Don’t know much about it, but I know it’s widely popular” (student). When she says this I think not everyone is an anime geek, and it is very popular among teens and adults.  My second interviewer says “Not really, but I know about it” (librarian, Winslow). When she says, I think anime is popular among teens not many adults are fascinated with it. Finally, anime is so cool, because of its quick paced action sequences and combines all themes such as suspense, horror, drama, and action !

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