Teacher accused of drugging and molesting

Michaela Alsop

Staff Writer

Any abuse should be prevented, it does not matter what the person did.
Photos via Google Images

In Beijing there has been a report on a teacher drugging and molesting kindergarteners. A 22 year old private kindergarten teacher, surnamed Liu, was taken into custody on Saturday. The police also have another woman for “rumor mongering” accused of posting private information online about the involvement of military personnel in the incident. One of the mothers told the reporters that her 3 year old daughter told her that she was injected with a brown liquid by her teacher and was forced to take all of her clothes off with the rest of the children to be “examined” by a naked male adult. Other parents told them that they found multiple needle marks on their child. “My child said the teacher told them it was a secret and they were not supposed to tell anyone else, including parents,” the mother said. “She now bursts into screaming at night, saying, ‘I’m not sick, why do I have to get a shot?'” RYB education said there were videos of the incident but it could not be released to the public. This is not the first time a teacher was arrested at the same school. There were two more cases where the teachers were each sentenced to more than 2 years for abusing 17 children.

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