David Beats Goliath

Johnny Tischer

Staff Writer

Duke logo

Photographed by Duke University

The Duke Blue Devils played a game against the South Carolina Gamecocks last Sunday at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. This was one of the games being played in the March Madness Men’s Basketball tournament. The game was one of the sixteen different games being played in for the Second Round of the tournament. The winner of this game would continue on to the Sweet Sixteen.

This was just a normal tournament game for the Blue Devils, but for the Gamecocks it was a chance for a huge upset. The Duke Blue Devils were ranked second in their region. Duke was one of the teams people thought had a chance to win a National Championship. The Gamecocks were the number eight seed in the region and were just thought to be another team Duke was going to beat. The Gamecocks did not think that way and played like the underdogs and upset Duke by a score of 88 to 81. “No one saw this coming. Not this one,” said by Chris Chase who is a journalist for Fox Sports. This is one of the many upsets to come from the start of March Madness. Duke just won the ACC title less than two weeks ago. They looked to be one of the strongest teams in the tournament. It was a big surprise when they loss to South Carolina.

Duke is considered by many to be the best men’s college basketball programs of all time. Many think they have the best coach with Coach K. Duke always has some of the best recruits. One thing they also have is hatred from everyone. People think of the Blue Devils as the team who is always good and has players that play like they are better than everyone. Most of the country either loves or hates Duke. They are just one of those teams people hate. With all of this when people play Duke in March Madness other teams push harder. They did whatever it takes to beat Duke. Alec Brzezinski, sports journalist, had this to say about why Duke lost that game,”When playing against an underdog known for its hounding defense, the most important thing is taking care of the ball. Duke, a young team, did not accomplish this task.” Duke was simply out hustled by South Carolina who played their hearts out. The Gamecocks pulled a big upset which puts them into the Sweet Sixteen.

Sports Museum for Chicago

Chistopher Parker

Staff Writer

Picture 1: Roger Germann http://www.chicagobusiness.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/storyimage/CG/20170317/NEWS09/170319938/AR/0/AR-170319938.jpg&maxw=300&q=100&cb=20170324001457&cci_ts=20170323165443

Two non profit sports executives have teamed up to create a sports museum down in Chicago, Illinois. The museum will be used to “trick” people into learning about sciences and history. The museum will also contain lots of memorabilia such as the former equipment all stars used to wear.

“We always welcome new and innovative ideas for museums and cultural attractions that will add to both our cultural landscape and burgeoning tourism industry, benefiting our residents and families for years to come," mayoral spokeswoman Lauren Huffman said in a statement. The museum is aimed to have every sport within it, CEO Mark Lapides doesn't want the museum to come off as a hall of fame. Mark Lapides and Roger Germann (Chief Executive) claims they need to raise 50 million dollars in order to open the museum within 4 years. They need about 100,000 square feet of space located in downtown to build the museum. They say that they will be hiring 250 people and the museum as a whole will have an 20 million dollar operating budget.

They hope to attract at least 600,000 tourist to their museum every year.

Notre Dame Comes Back From The Dead

Aaron Wright

Staff Writer

Photo of Notre Dame basketball team’s logo

Photo By: University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s basketball team is doing something their all-time famous football team hasn't been able to do in a long time which is thrive in big games. The name of Notre Dame’s basketball team is the Fighting Irish and currently they are holding a 25-9 win/loss score in this season. The Fighting Irish make it into the NCAA tournament and as the only team to have had made it into the Elite Eight for each of the recent seasons that have occurred. Notre Dame’s official twitter account even tweeted out in celebration of this entrance into the NCAA tournament saying “Back in our favorite tournament!!! #selectionsunday #NotDoneYet”.

The Fighting Irish coach, Mike Brey, even said “When the lights have been brightest, we've been in a rhythm lately where we just love it, embrace it and deliver in it," speaking about the basketball team and just how much they really thrive to be great.

The two seasons and six tournament wins is a big deal for a school mostly known for its football team. With the up and coming of their basketball team, Notre Dame is expected to gain an even brighter spotlight on their school. The Fighting Irish even went on a 19 win streak in their season so far which has brought out their confidence and will to play even higher.

Players and coaches are excited but many are sure to keep each other humble and keeping each other's mind focused on the game.  Irish seniors V.J. Beachem and Steve Vasturia, who were freshmen when the Irish finished 15-17 in 2013-14. Vasturia spoke about this current season as well saying his message to younger players is not to put too much pressure on themselves and that the Irish know they need to focus on each game, but the goal is to do better than they have the past two seasons. "We want to try to make it to the next step. The first step to that was getting back in the tournament. We've done that, we're in there," Vasturia said speaking about the future and now of the team.