Padres Opening Day

Chance Cate

Staff Writer

      Baseball season is back ladies and gentlemen! Padres lost their first game of the regular season 14-3 against the Los Angeles Dodgers in a four game series. It was a tough first loss for the Padres, and it wasn’t a pretty day for Padres fans. The Dodgers offense sure was having a great game with every slot in their lineup accounting for a hit and a run. Dodgers player of the game, former Padre Yasmani Grandal hit two home runs against his former team, and totaled three RBI’s.

      “If we keep scoring in double-digit runs, I think I'll have a good year,'' Kershaw said, smiling. Clayton Kershaw, starting pitcher for the Dodgers on opening day is extremely confident in his team’s season and sees room for success. Dodgers manager, Dave Roberts, said, “There was a purpose every time someone stepped in the batter's box”. Each batter was there to play, and with a 15-0 win against the Padres last year on opening day, there was high expectations for the Dodgers to yet again, come out on top.

     Following Monday’s game, they played again on Tuesday, April 4th, and there was a change in score leading to a 4-0 win for the Padres redeeming their loss. With changes in the Padres lineup, they put up a better fight and things could be looking up for them.

Johnny Tischer

Staff Writer

National Championship

       This past Monday the NCAA Men’s Division One basketball National Championship was played in Phoenix, Arizona. The game was the North Carolina Tarheels versus the Gonzaga Bulldogs. The final score would be 71 to 65 in favor of the Tarheels. This would be another National Championship for North Carolina.

       The game was a very close game that was decided by only six points. The game itself had a lot of unnecessary fouls that kept both teams playing restrictive. All of the fouls led to the best players on both teams having to sit out with foul trouble. Both teams had ups and downs in the second half. Gonzaga struggled to score and that is what cost them the game. Isaiah Hicks, North Carolina player, said,”It’s the best feeling I’ve ever felt.” This is what he described right after his team won the championship.

      For North Carolina this is the sixth National Championship. The Tarheel went to the championship last year, but lost to Vinnova. For Gonzaga this was the first time they have ever been in the championship game. After this win North Carolina has won a national championship at least once a decade for five straight decades.  Meeks, North Carolina player, said,”We won’t be remembered as a team that lost in the finals.” This is in response to losing last year. The new national championship has just been won by North Carolina.

Gaming For Success

Aaron Wright

Staff Writer

       Just when everyone thought video games were for the immature and those who could not grow out of their childhood, video games turns to be just a way for future generations to create success. Talk of video games becoming a national sport that will also be watched on television has risen and proven itself to be a close to strong outcome for the future and now talk of success and a way of life has also risen with the topic of video games. The University of Utah was the first to take video games and force it into its inevitable leap into its successful future for the generations to come. The University of Utah did so by finally making video games a scholarship sport.

      Utah will be the first big-time sports school to sponsor gamers and their long term goal is full tuition for 35 students across titles. Utah’s first varsity esports team will play Riot Games League of Legends and they will be able to compete in Riot’s collegiate league. Utah is able to do this due to the support/backing from Salt Lake City school’s video game development program. Featuring from the “Power Five,” -- the five richest athletic conferences in college sports -- is Utah being the first school from the Power Five to offer scholarships especially during video game’s time of uprising and rapid growth. A.J. Dimick is the man who will be running the eSports program for The University of Utah but Dimick was also quoted saying “We want other schools to join us”. Dimick wants to move the future of video gaming scholarships with these other schools also saying “Let's move this along together.”

       Utah’s Entertainment Arts & Engineering department will be the source of foundation for their gaming program. The Princeton Review named their Entertainment Arts & Engineering the country’s best video game design program in 2016. Utah, in the end, wants to be able to offer scholarships for up to 35 gamers but not for just League of Legends, but also for many games from across all platforms. Many schools are starting to rise as well and show support for their gamers and many are starting to look at the idea of offering scholarships for such a thing and may even begin to follow Utah’s footsteps.