Shout Outs  

Shout out to the school's mashed potatoes. It's the only thing good about this school. -Tori Summers, Opinion Editor 

Shout Out to the journalism class. We rule while the other classes drool. - Dezaray Pounders, Feature Editor 

It has been a long year of shenanigans and tomfoolery in journalism. However, I wouldn’t trade a single moment. We are more than a staff here on the ConSultant; we are a family. I couldn’t have done without my editors, especially Sam Maddox, who always made sure her staff was on task and handling business. To all the new editors who stepped up when people left: Tori Summers, Dezaray Pounders, Chace Reed, and Ryan Melendez.  I will miss my seniors but will never forget the pizza party, balloon confetti that took 3 shampoos to get out of my hair and the wonderful gift card, with an amazing visual (in case I didn’t recognize it).

I love you the most with toast! xo Mrs. Garrison

I have been in journalism for a year and a half. It started out as a class just to fill a space, but it turned into so much more than that. It became the class I looked forward to every single day that I had it. In journalism, we aren’t just a class, we are a family. We have a lot of fun while also having a class to take care of. I as editor in chief had a big job to do, and while not everyone loved me all the time, it was my job and I had to keep people in order. It has been fun getting to know all the goofballs, having all the laughs we had(especially Tori, Ray, and I), and making memories that I’ll never forget. I am going to miss this class, the people I’ve become friends with, and especially Mrs. Garrison. I have loved every minute of journalism and wouldn’t trade it for any other class!- Sam Maddox, Editor In Chief