Hello fellow Sultans! This is a brand new addition to our school newspaper, where students can send in their poetry to be published on the website. It truly is a great opportunity and a fun way to show case your work.

Hope you enjoy!

-Akyra Smith; Editor In Chief 

Ashes by Justin Gee

As the stick burns

And the ashes fall

As does my heart

Softly withering apart

Beginning only at the end

With no instructions to start

No hope to start over

Just an unlucky four leaf clover

Blowing away with the breeze

Rethinking old memories

The shame and guilt

As well as the blame we built

 Both Intoxicating remedies

Thinking about you

 It’s nothing new

Do you think about me too?

Or have you forgotten?

Has our love story gone rotten?

Six feet under in a coffin

Alone Tonight  BY Jamie Shively

The curls in her hair

Were too tight

Nothing ever

fit just right

It rained and it stormed

Oh, how it poured

On the roof of a broken heart

Never belonged

On the in-crowd


Far too loud

She tried and she lied

Oh, how she cried


In her eyes

Stumble and fall

Get up the next morning and repeat it all

Never look up, walk with your head down

Try to stand up, but you’ll hit the ground

And carry on

Crowded room never felt so lonely

She would be happy, happy if only

She was one of them

Played the part, opened her heart

Let them in, let them win

But she was never what she seemed

Her head, her heart, her soul they screamed

Pretendings just a waste of time

Be by yourself, over empty inside

So she’ll be alone tonight

Yeah, she’ll be alone tonight

The Seed by Justin Gee

Oh but if you only knew it was me

The Fool and The Wiseman

But if you truly knew, you would understand that I am The Wiseman

Two contradictory names yet one and the same

While I lean on my cane, white rose in hand.

I begin to wonder….

For my number is known as numberless

Both beginning and end

Oh but if you only knew

I am mistaken, I meant if you truly knew

Then the seed shall welcome you to the tree

Because the seed was made by the tree

Oh I hope you finally see.

Fore me? I was made blind like the three mice

As for thyself, I will pay my price

A price not paid by money

But for the love of honey

Is it true that you knew?

Oh but if you only knew

Ryan by Jamie Shively

Dedicated to my friend Ryan, killed in a car crash at West Hills a couple years ago

We would do anything

To see your face again

They would do anything

To have you there beside them

Know he's in a better place now

Feel him in the rainin’ shower

Feel him at the break of dawn

When the sun comes up

and your faith is gone

Feel him in a hopeless prayer

When you cry so hard you gasp for air

On a cloudy day, look up, and know he's there

You look up and you know he’s there

& you say

Hello Ryan, how's the sky treat ya?

Do you feel small,

Sitting at the right hand, of the Lord of all

Hello Ryan, how’s the sky treat ya?

Months and years pass by,

& we still wonder why

& even though we can't understand

when we look up to,

the man who moves the moon

We know we'll see you

Someday soon

Showing off by Joseph Eickhoff

Some people flaunt their stuff

Some think they aren't enough

Most people think they're tough

Making fun of people and stuff

Some people just wanna be themselves

But can't due to the people showing off

People who try to put up half naked pictures

Or partying, drugs and other illegal stuff does not get you enough

In the end being yourself is better than showing off

Other than flaunting their stuff...

   Chips by Joseph Eickhoff

It is not yet an addiction

I'm not talking about snack food

I’m not talking about fatty food

But I am talking about a thing that is a life ruiner

Who knows will it be sooner?

How about later?

Will I be able to comprehend a loss or a winner?

No I am not addicted even though some people say I would

I don't lose a lot of money but I do attend a lot already

It is a pastime that instead of other things I like to do

Cigarette smell and wood tables  

Just a thing I like to do

 Disbelief of myself by Joseph Eickhoff

Have I gone insane….

What’s going on in my brain

I can't even contain….

What’s going on in my brain

Who am I today

Who will I be tomorrow

What about the day after tomorrow

Who will I be

Something has come over me…

Where has my brain gone

My heart and soul is obliterated

I'm stuck in here away from home

Where I was most comfortable my loved ones are gone

My sense of everything is gone

I don’t know who’s even there for me anymore

What is going on in my brain...

KANSAS by Taylor Smith

Kansas is moving,

I am so sad,



I will miss her so much,

Without her my classes will suck,

Our time is so short,

Now who’s gonna give 2nd period sarcastic retorts?

Her jokes were always so great,

I’ll miss her wit and all of my food that she ate,

She brightened my skies,

And now I have to say goodbye.

Grey Skies by Cailey Brislin

Sad as it may be,

There was a reason for it all,

This time it was me,

Who took the hard fall.

Things like this are hard to do,

Especially when you say “I love you”,

Words like these are hard to say, when in the end,

We’ll both walk barely unscathed.

So here is our goodbye,

After we will both be changed.

For better or for worse,

The question still hangs.

An Unwanted Presence by Joseph Eickhoff

When I first met you I was lost for words

But now they have been found

I have found them by myself

But now I'm homeward bound

From school I am by myself

At home I find myself alone sulking and balling

No one to speak to

No one to tell this deep secret to

Not even him

In the end, what's going to happen to me

Not even my closest friends know

Still yet nowhere to be found

As the tears drop and flow

Down my face they row

I still manage to go to school

As I put on a face that fools

It’s not that cool

Being by myself is not a substantial feeling

But who do I tell that won't judge or budge when other people ask

It is a secret amongst myself and a select few

But the deed is done and the presence will disappear

Soon to be alright in this spew

Then this mask will be gone and back to a normal face to show my peers

3 Little Words By Cailey Brislin

There are three little words that can make or break a relationship,

Those words can change the course of it forever.

Those three words are saved for that special person,

And will create a commitment of a lifetime.

There are three little words that are bigger in the long run.

There are three words that prove their meaning.

They are the foundation to every new beginning.

Those three little words are: You want food?

My Mind By Joseph Eickhoff

Whenever I awake I grab that pack

My heart resides in that little tan ended stick

Made from a few leafs

After the first hit

My mind leaves

Burns & Burns

Ashes & Ashes

My mind gets back when that filter gets warm and tossed

My mind was lost but then found

Will that round stick ever leave my mind

Or will it be forever implemented into my mind right as I awake

   My Hell By Joseph Eickhoff

As I get thrown into this cell

Which I call hell.

Every other inmate believes so too

Sometimes it's hard to tell.

5 years suddenly go by at the blink of an eye

I can't even get high.

My birthdays are like nothing to these guys

A couple of friends but nothing like outside.

10 years surprisingly disappear as they drone on and on  

I cannot fathom the pain I have been on.

I've had to fight to protect what I sleep on

It is hard to stay on when your mind is constantly off.

This is my last year

It's been so unclear.

My fifteenth year

As I get out of this cell

Escorted to the exit of this hell.

Plentiful stories that I have, I cannot tell

As I wave bye to my fellow inmates

Will my own mother be there when I leave this hell…

18th Birthday By Akyra Smith

18 years went by in a flash,

Never thought my Mom would be the one to dash.

18 years of questions to ask,

She didn’t mind any of them, she just sat back and laughed.

My Mom who I loved so very much,

Took a large interest in different types of drugs.

She said cocaine helped her new pain,

And meth made her happy.

How could she not see her two children are now unhappy?

First time we’ve seen her in a couple of months,

She asked how her boyfriend is, and completely ignored us.

18 years she can try to make up for,

But what about my brother who no longer has a mother?

She sits there and cries and claims that she loves us,

But we have nothing to go off of, not even the trust.

18 years of trying to be better,

Now that I’m older, I’m even more clever.

Jail or prison, whatever the case,

I was hoping she would just look at my face.

Today I turn 18,

But my only was birthday wish,

Was for her to be clean.

One Year By Cailey Brislin

One year ago, I wast trapped in a depressive state of mind.

One year ago, I went back to school.

One year ago, people had questions about where i had been.

One year ago, I was afraid to tell them I was lost.

One year ago, I met new people.

One year ago, I met a boy who broke my heart.

One year ago, I tried desperatley to be someone.

One year later, my mind is pure.

One year later, I go to a new school and people have no questions.

One year later, I am found.

One year later I met better people.

One year later, I met a boy who fixed my heart and made it better.
One year later, I am everything i wanted to be.

A San Diego Christmas by Jamie Shively




Something we do

Not see

But sing and dream and

Wish for though we know it will

Not be

Hang lights and wreaths and mistletoe

Surrounded by those most dear, On your best

behavior, this time of year, awaiting Saint Nick

To be near

Furry coats and winter clothes, the sunshine they disregard

Fake snowmen, elves, and reindeer, fill the city’s yards

Cookies, warm cider, and cocoa, with or without the


We have the best of Christmas things, the trees, the bells, the shops

But while others tie their snow boots up, we’ll slip on our flip flops

Skating, waiting, double dating, oh, the christmas mood

Parties, drinking, giving gifts, eating too much


Though some may say that Christmas here is far too warm and clear

It will always be something we look forward to each and every year

Though no weather or snow to fall, can at times be rough

The holiday cheer

and atmosphere

will always

be enough

 15 by Cailey Brislin

When I woke up, had I known what was going to happen later on, I would have never left my bed,

Had I known, I would’ve saved everyone from the thoughts in my head;

I was broken and fragile,

Scared and vulnerable.

Whispering nurses in the hallway,

Said I was going to be okay,

As I was taken to room 1409B,

I felt my world crumble underneath me.

I was told not to worry,

But the world around me became blurry,

All I could do was cry,

Why did I put my parents through this? Why?

I was there to be ‘fixed’

All my emotions were mixed.

Mom and Dad I am sorry,

I didn’t want you to worry.

Untitled by Eric Lance 
As I stand there looking at her, she smiles with an intensity so sensual it makes me smile with the thought of compassion towards her. As if she were to breath her beautiful voice towards me I would not have a response worth her attention. Though I know this to be a lie it must be true in a different light. All by myself I sit to only sip a drink which makes me cringe with each sip. I ask myself why am I here and I know why, to see her, alone which makes the atmosphere seem as though we were the only ones holding one another while the band plays a swan song. I know i'm a ticking time bomb by the way I interact with her, I am her only danger but I know that I am the only thing she can love. The complications make it seem that the inevitable is near, for her safety I must leave her for she does know how much insanity she can deal with in the embodiment of myself. tears roll down out of her perfect eyes with a hope of a loving tomorrow. I leave to home where I proceed to detonate, blood of my own is left on the ground. In the eyes of tomorrow I am seen as hateful, if she were to see this I would be shown as a wild animal, with a sympathetic mind, which would be truthful. In my entirety life is simply a push to become what I am not, what is not in my own deck of cards. I don’t want to love but it is a compulsion by which my own fate tortures me.

Political Events by Kyle Kitzmiller:

When a political event that occurs once every four years can be aided by the exact track that is played in the background of a scene in a circus tent while two clowns spew piss and vinegar back and forth between the two of themselves trying to get less rotten fruit thrown at them than other because of the heinous atrocities they have committed, you should know there is a possible, ever so minor issue in said political system.

When 14 year olds are scared of bombs falling from the sky to end the world as its know, when people try to strip your birthrights from you because of the actions of others, there may be and ever so slight issue in the political system you live under.

But regardless that doesn't change the fact that you have the ability to vote, even if not for the people you want. You still however get to pick how your home will fall and you are entitled to chose how you are laid into your deathbed.

The Moon Is Falling by Kyle Kitzmiller

Staring into the darkness, and angry and spiteful as the stars began to die one by one in the sky, each and every one letting out a violent boom unheard on the surface of the earth- each erupting into a fury of fire and hell ripping itself apart and cracking through the air, its sound splitting ears.

Back on earth, sitting alone in a wasteland staring into the sky as the universe began to die, watching and waiting, until even the moon seemed to start cracking until it too split open, letting out no explosion but a air shattering explosion that caused the earth to shake and rumble in terror, while the few things left on its old dying sand covered surface to begin to run to the edges of the planet- hoping to jump off and find some safety or something better than what was left to happen here.

Turning, tripping, and stumbling away from the splitting planet that cracked through the middle began splitting and head toward earth - and running away was just yet another human trying to escape the madness, clinging to every piece of hope to live through what could be the last armageddon on planet earth.

Untitled by Kyle Kitzmiller

It's mind boggling how much one person can influence your life, whether you love them, or they love you- or there is a hate filled relationship, it's horrifying no matter how positive the relationship that someone could have so much power on your life. Enough power to wrap their unseen charcoal covered hands around your throat and end all of what you've worked so far for in all but of an instant.

Sometimes, you have to ask yourself, what difference would it make if they did try killing me?

Who am I without them?

Just how much is whole and how much can I lose before someone realizes it's gone?

I have never like any of these answers.

Finding yourself incomplete and un-whole and in distress because one person who you have formed a bond with has upset you. That one could never be severed, as much as it seems cold and dead or alive and throbbing in love and pain.

Never have I ever wanted to be strangled and to have my be snuffed like a cigar that's been pressed onto the ash tray. Never more have I been more ok with throwing away everything for one person who wouldn't accept it to begin with.

Never have I been more ok with sacrificing happiness and sanity just to spend time with someone and to enjoy every minute.

Everyday I have to convince my of what I have to believe, to believe that I don't need help and that I don't want her her to be my only motivation. That I'm not scared of my homeland and fear I have nowhere to go when I graduate.

A Victim of Culture by Kyle Kitzmiller:

A victim of culture.

Someone who doesn't bother to think twice about the things they say or do let alone would they affect in the progress of self annihilation.

Regardless of how many times ground rules that are otherwise considered obvious by those who walk through their daily lives with their eyes open, they will proceed to be mindless by choice, and ignore the outside world that pertains to those who have made the five second decision to go through the front door and into the light otherwise referenced as the choice to be proactive in the world that surrounds you.

Instead they load the internet with pictures of their faces and flesh covered in as little amounts of clothing as possible. Pushing out their lips and slathering their earned acne with carcinogens provided by their parents for the wrong reasons.

Submitting to their own means, giving away the everything to be apart of their culture running at a subsonic speed in order to accomplish a goal established via lie and computer edited image.