H-1B Visas

Chance Cate

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H-1B Working visa status; by: ilexlaw attorney

     Companies in America are constantly thinking about themselves and how to save the most money. The average internet technician makes around $120,000-140,000 per year, and greedy companies would rather outsource that position to someone who can do it for cheaper, and have the person being replaced, train their replacement. Companies offer a severance pay to those who train their replacements, and it has been compared by Bill Whitaker as, “digging your own grave.”

     The H-1B visa was created in 1990 by Bruce Morrison, and it’s original idea was to help hold onto talented foreign graduates to lead them to citizenship, but has since been worked around with a loophole to outsource jobs to those with an H-1B visa working status. The loophole allows people with H-1B visas to acquire a job over an American as long as they are being paid $60,000 a year, which they accept because they find it much better than living in India with roughly no pay.

     Outsourcing I.T. jobs could save up to save $30,000,000 in taxpayers money, but that still doesn't mean it’s right. Americans work hard to provide for their families, and fight to keep their jobs every day, and of course we deserve the pay we get. If you work hard at your job, then that pay is a reward, and now that is being taken away because someone else can do that same job for less pay. That isn’t what our country is about, and that isn’t how we should be handing out a comfortable living, especially to someone who isn’t even an American citizen. Craig Diangelo, another victim of an H-1B visa replacement said, “It wasn’t called ‘training your replacement’ -- it was called ‘knowledge transfer.'"

Bradys Super Bowl Jersey Found

Tyler Mcguire

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Where this whole problem started;photo by:USA today

     On Sunday, February 5th the New England Patriots won Super Bowl 51.  This was the greatest comeback of all time, with the Patriots sending the game to overtime when in the 3rd quarter they were down 28-3.  I really don't understand how the Falcons did that, very disappointing.  This was all because Brady, with Brady and his 43-of-62, 466-yard, two-touchdown performance leading the way. It was Brady's fourth Super Bowl MVP award and his fifth championship.  When the game was all over, Tom brady won MVP. "The jersey, I put it in my bag and I came out and it wasn't there anymore," Brady said during his MVP news conference a day after.

   The jersey was found six weeks later by the New England Patriots security team and the FBI.  This jersey was priced at 500,000 by Houston police.  The man whole stole Tom's jersey is Mauricio Ortega, a former executive with Mexican newspaper company Diario La Prensa.  The league also found a Tom Brady jersey worn in Super Bowl 49 when the New England Patriots defeated the Seattle Seahawks.  But it doesn't stop there, they also found a Denver Bronco helmet from Super Bowl 50.

   Brady was very happy to know his Super Bowl jerseys had been recovered. "I am happy my jerseys from SB XLIX and SB LI have been recovered, and I want to thank all of the law enforcement agencies involved," Brady said in a statement provided to NFL Network's Mike Garafolo.  Mike is Tom Brady's agent.  "I know they worked very hard on this case -- and it is very much appreciated. Hopefully when I get the jerseys back I can make something very positive come from this experience."                                         


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Logotype of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D-Commons.Wikimedia-Kigsz-Title Screen

     Zelda, the series by Nintendo that fans just can’t get enough of. From the bird’s eye view adventure from the classic Zelda on NES, to the immersive 3d adventures brought by Ocarina of Time, which is said by many, as the best game ever made back in 1998 and is still a fantastic game to play to this day. Fast forward to 2011, Nintendo remakes the fan favorite game from the N64 to the 3DS, which removes all of the polygons and replaces them with smoother textures and mouth watering scenery, did I mention it’s also in 3D? So, as Richard George from IGN puts it, “Is it even possible to remake a game as influential and revered as Ocarina of Time?” Don’t get me wrong, from what I can put together, the game didn’t get any drastic changes to the entire game, I mean, they put into use the 3DS’s gyroscope so you can aim your bow or hookshot by moving your DS everywhere, and hey, they also included hints in the game. Wait, in a time where the internet is everywhere you go, why include in-game hints when you can just look up the answer? Even so, the main reason this game was remade was so you new players could play an amazing game on their modern console, with better graphics mind you, along with having old players play through the game again after thirteen years. It might not seem like that big of a deal, but being someone who didn’t grow up in the 90s, having a remake of a thirteen year old game on my 3DS is pretty cool. Now the real question is, why was it so good back then?

     Go back in time where the era of gaming was still new and had a lot to approve upon, game industries where just barely getting out of the side scrolling stage and were moving onto more 3D esque games, like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Battletoads. With the introduction to the Nintendo 64 back in 1996, the gaming industry was finally getting into 3D designs for their games. Some were more successful than others, like Mario 64 and Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Then there were the ones that weren’t so successful, I’m looking at you Castlevania 64! And then 1998 happens, it was like the second coming of Jesus Christ himself, but instead of Jesus, we got The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Christ, I mean Ocarina of Time. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, kids were praying to Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, it was phenomenon! Going back to George from IGN, “"Revolutionary" is by no means an understatement.” And you know what, it isn’t, it really isn’t. This game might not be my favorite Zelda game, that title has to go to Twilight Princess, but the time I’ve been playing it has been a blast, sure there were parts where I got stuck and couldn’t figure out how to progress, but when I got past it I did one of two things, shake my head in frustration for being so stupid, or have an “AHA” moment when I figured out a puzzle that was meant to stump me, but failed in doing so. This is good programing on the developer's part, you see what they did at the beginning of the game was put in simple puzzles that you could solve almost instantly, it wasn’t that big of a challenge, but then out of nowhere they throw a mind boggling puzzle that takes you a while to figure out. And it doesn’t stop there, as you continue on in the game your natural response is that the puzzles will get harder and harder, and for most of the part, they do. Although, there are some of them that are so stupidly easy to solve, you can do it in less than a minute, but the game throws all these different mechanics and makes it seem complicated, but in actuality, it just makes you overthink it. The game takes you in circles with the puzzles, making some easy, some hard, and some that will make you overthink. And that’s not a bad thing at all, I love this so much, it makes you question your own way of thinking and makes you think outside the box in a manner of speaking. For instance, in one of the villages, Kakariko, there’s a windmill. If you go inside there will be a guy playing some music and says how cool it would be to make a song based off the windmill. If you come back as an adult, he will be there complaining about a boy with an ocarina messing up everything. If you pull out your ocarina, he’ll teach you the song that you played when you were young, but you never learned the song when your were young, you only learned it when you were an adult and if you go back to the windmill as a kid and play the song, he starts to get a bit irritated at you. That’s absolutely insane! Oh, and that’s the other thing this game introduces, time travel.

     Instead of jumping like in the 2008 movie, Jumper, you jump through time. You also don’t steal money and get captured by Samuel Jackson, but hey, them’s the breaks. Anyway, you travel between being an adult and a kid, and just like the windmill puzzle, you have to switch back and forth between the two in order to progress, and I’m pretty sure this was another key feature on why the game did so good, time travel was a really good mechanic, and instead of having really complicated puzzles that had to deal with time travel, the game makes it obvious what era you should be in and how to execute it so you can progress, which doesn’t get you stuck over and over again. On top of that, both adult and young Link have their own unique arsenal to deal with dungeons and puzzles, for instance, young Link has a slingshot he can use while adult Link has a bow and arrow. As the game gets progressively harder and harder, you’re allowed to complete minigames from both young and adult Link’s timeline so you can get more hearts, hold more rupees, and get a new weapon and item which isn’t required to beat the game, but makes it a lot easier. And that’s what brings me to my final conclusion, the game rewards you on exploration, it doesn’t heavily do so, but it does so in a way that makes you feel like you found something no one else found, well I mean, of course you aren’t the only one, but it makes you feel like an actual adventurer who took the time to explore the huge kingdom of Hyrule.

     Phew, there is so much more I could talk about like how there are plot twists and secrets that aren’t found in usual ways, but that would take a pretty long time to discuss. This game goes up on my list as a 10/10, not just because it’s my opinion, but because it’s a legitimately really good game that I think everyone should try at least once, or at least watch some gameplay of it. This game is a must play by any gamer or anyone at all really, the story is good and well polished, the characters you meet are memorable, and the battles and enemies are really enjoyable. This game truly is one of the best games ever made.

Age Limit Differences | Denmark vs. United States

Katrine Kjærulff

Staff Writer

When a movie is rated R in America, it means that you have to be at least 17 years old to watch it. In Denmark our highest movie rating is aged 15.

Picture By: Vargklo

     Since, I have now spent more than seven months in America as an exchange student, I have certainly started to figure out the differences between my home country, Denmark, and my temporary home here in San Diego. The many differences in the age limits is something that always shocks people, when I talk about Denmark and our foreign laws.

     Teenagers often respond to the Danish laws, by saying something along the lines with, “I wish, I could drink without having an age limit! Do people just come to school drunk all the time? Can I be drunk as a 2 year old then? I want to move to Denmark now!” Many of the questions do make sense to me, since I know Americans haven’t tried to live in a society where they can go to clubs as 15 year olds. I usually have to explain that some of our laws puts more authority on the parents, since they have to make the decision about when they believe their children is allowed to go to clubs and drink alcohol. Along with the fact that actually not many people comes drunk to school because they usually have both Friday, Saturday, and sometimes Thursday to get drunk and act crazy. Danish teenagers do want to learn stuff in school in order to go out on Fridays and have a future life, that consists of other things than alcohol.

     The age limit on alcohol intake in Denmark is always a thing that puts Americans on edge, but makes some excited at the same time. Hence, there is no age limit on how old you need to be in order to drink alcohol in DK, many teenagers starts going to clubs when they’re between 13 and 16 years old. In America you have to be 21 to even think about alcohol, which is when people in Denmark stop going clubs because they have been going strong for 5 or 6 years already at that point.

     In America you can already drive a car, along with a parent, when you’re around 15 years old. You have to be three years older in Denmark-- Danes can start on their driver's license 3 months prior to their 18th birthday, but then when they get their driver's licence, they can drive whoever, whenever, wherever, without any other limits than the usual laws of driving. I get extremely confused when it comes to the American driving rules, because then you can’t drive after a certain time, and then you can’t drive your friends, then you can only drive your siblings, then you can suddenly drive everyone at any time. You really have to make sure you know all the rules, if you don’t want a ticket in the US.

     One law that is actually the same in Denmark and in the United States, is the fact that when you turn 18 you are an adult, you’re allowed to vote and you can join the military. Even though many of the laws are different, when compared over different continents, these are the three laws that all requires you to be at the age of 18. Another thing, that requires you to be 18 in both DK and the US, is making the decision of getting married. I know that in Denmark, you can get married if you’re younger than 18, but that requires a parent’s signature.

     I grew up in Denmark, and that means that I agree mostly with all the overall laws there. Of course, there is some of the laws that I would like to change up a bit after having visited so many countries around the world. But I believe that most of the rules and laws we have is acceptable, fair, and not too difficult to follow along. Many have asked me: “You can’t drive until you’re 18! Doesn’t that suck, and don’t you wish that you were able to drive at the age of 15?” I definitely think that not being able to drive until I turn 18 sucks sometimes, but when I look at the many car accidents happening in percentage vs. how many happens in Denmark in percentage compared to the population, I believe that the fact that we’re older when we start driving plays a major role. Also the fact that we have legally been in contact with alcohol before we sit in car gives a better understanding of what condition your body should and should not be in, when sitting in a vehicle behind the wheel.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Staff Writer

Shane Morse

This is a picture of my character in the middle just hanging out with Goku and Goku

By Shane Morse

     “Hey it’s me Goku!” Have you ever wanted to hear someone scream in your ear until their hair changes color? No? Oh okay, but the rest of the stuff that happens is pretty cool. It’s Dragon Ball online and it’s a lot of fun to play because you just run around through different time planes, beating people up instead of Goku beating them up. If you don’t know what the heck any of this is then I’ll start with what Dragon Ball even is.

     Dragon Ball is a show that is mostly about being just over the top with the fight scenes and people lying by saying things like “I’m not even using my full power yet”. Dragon Ball’s main character is Goku, who thought he was just a normal person, but it turns out he was apart of some race of super monkeys known as Saiyans. The story to Dragon Ball is all about protecting the seven dragon balls all over Earth because when they all get brought together they can grant any wish. Eventually people across the galaxy hear about it so they come and fight Goku who trained to be Earth’s defender after he died and trained in heaven and got resurrected with the dragon balls. So with all of that said let’s get into what the game is like.

     When you start the game you see Goku die again, so you have to train and fight through all the fights Goku’s been in with some time travel stuff. Now one of the best parts of this game is creating the character, you can choose from almost any race that was in the series and then customize their height and skin and make whatever. A lot of people in the community will make Goku look alikes or something stupid, but the latter half of the community makes original characters or they’re like me and make funny versions of side characters in the series. In Xenoverse 1 popular characters were like Mega Krillin or Mega Yamcha or Mega Mr. Satan, they would make the exact same side character and change their name by putting mega infront of their name. When they got to the main town where everyone could meet up and check eachothers characters out they would start saying a bunch of lines that the character said in the show. Other than the character customization the rest of the game is a hardcore fighting and flying around game where there’s tons of explosions and people screaming just to power up. If I would give the game a rating of 1-10  it would be higher than 10, it’s a ton of fun for Dragon Ball fans.

Beauty and the Beast Review

Adriana Burrus

Staff Writer

Posted by StephanieB Comparing the animated version  to the real life version Lumiere & Cogsworth

     While I was watching the movie Beauty and the Beast at the drive-in, I was very excited to watch the movie. While I was watching it, the first scene was as always how Prince Adam became the Beast. The enchantress had changed him into the Beast as we all know and love.  As they show the title Belle begins to sing. They kind of change some of the songs as I noticed while I was watching it, I didn't particularly like it. Sadly, that's how movies are they change some things. “I loved how the movie came out, but there was a lot of things I would prefer different, but that how the cookie crumbles sometimes.” Brittany Lightfield said. When it was supposed to be scene by scene. The movie was supposed to be scene by scene, but they changed it a little. It turns out nice in some scene, others not really.


     I like the five new songs they put in it, especially like the pieces song and also the one that Belle's father (Maurice) sings. I thought they were sweet and really well done. The others were kind of well done but they weren't particularly my favorite. Between the animated one and the realistic one, they're both good, but I prefer the animation over the realistic, one just because it was just better. “I love the design in Beauty and the Beast! They were all pretty. How the castle turned out and the design for the beast was great!” Camryn Moody said. Camryn also added. “ Also the five new songs in it was great. I tearful up a little when Maurice song, in the beginning, singing about his wife a little. it was great.” Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip and Feather Duster had amazing designs, some of them, like Lumiere and Cogsworth, were quite interesting. Mrs. Potts and Chip’s designs were kind of weird and off to me.  I loved the songs in Beauty and the Beast! Belle is my favorite Disney princess, so of course, I'm going to watch the live action. I didn't really like how they changed a little of the songs. While the live-action cannot compare to the animation at all it was still pretty good for what they put forth.


     For the other characters in Beauty and the Beast, Gaston and Lefou were great too and I liked how Lefou was openly gay during the whole movie as he wanted Gaston. And then questioning self As Mrs. Potts tell him during the fight scenes when they invaded the castle and Gaston betray Lefou and says. “You're too good for him” and he replies back.“ You’re right, I'm too good for him.”  in all in all the movie was good and it seems like a lot of other people liked it because it was really packed at the Drive-in. And one more thing I didn't really like Belle's dress I wish they would have made it more accurate to the animation that's all.