Was Oskar Schindler a hero?


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Jessica Moreno

Photo of Oskar Schindler Photo by: Holocaust education

    Oskar Schindler had done numerous things with great impacts over the course of his life. Schindler was a German industrialist and member of the Nazi Party who became acknowledged for saving countless lives of Jews by giving them jobs in his factories.  Some say he was a hero while others disagree. In my opinion yes, Oskar Schindler was a hero to thousands of Jews during the time of the horrible event of the holocaust. In this time millions of Jews died in Nazi death camps, but many survived due to Schindler act. The Schindler family was very wealthy and they owned a machinery business. During the Great Depression their Schindler business became bankrupt and they dealt with many other struggles. Although Oskar Schindler was able to bounce back by taking some Jewish workers and bringing  them to work for his factories for ammunition and kitchen utensils such as pots and pans.

    Due to his acts of an alcoholic and a womanizer many disagree with him being a hero, but with one act which he risked his own life and own money he spared the lives of 900 Jews which in my view definitely overweights his mistakes.  In the beginning Schindler’s main purpose was for money, but then realized saving the Jews was the right thing to do. Schindler even started taking the ones who were unfit to work for him. Schindler provided clothes, food and water, and medical care for all the Jews. Oskar Schindler paid millions to protect and save his Jews. After Schindler brought some workers back to work with him he heard that a train with evacuated Jews was stranded so he pulled all the strings he could to take his workers to the stranded train and rescue the Jews. They did their best with their medical care to help the ill back to health but the ones that did not survive were given the proper Jewish burial which Schindler paid for.

    Due to Schindler's actions I would say it brings him to be a hero in many eyes. He risked his own life and and gave his own money selflessly to make sure the Jews lives were protected.  Schindler honestly had the power to kill but he decided not to and decided to side with the Jews and help them and he even says, “Power is when we have every justification to kill, and we don't.” This quote is stating that Oskar knows he has power and he can use it either to kill Jews or to be good to them. Oskar Schindler died in 1974 and definitely earned the everlasting gratitude of the Schindler Jews. Ervin Straub stated, “heroes evolve; they aren’t born,” and how I  interpret this is that by their actions is how they prove they are a hero. He might of not been born a hero but he definitely died a hero.

Lynch Visiting Raiders

Tyler Mcguire
Staff Writer

Possibly a future in this uniform;photo by: Daily Snark

    Recently Marshawn Lynch decided to end his career on a good term.  He was a wonderful running back for the last 9 years on the Seattle Seahawks and the Buffalo Bill’s.  He ran the ball 2,144 for 9,112 yards and 74 touchdowns.  He’s a 5x pro bowl, 1x all pro, and 1x super bowl player. He was also an outstanding running back for the university of California.

    There has also been rumors going around that Marshawn Lynch might come back to the NFL.  But he has his eye on a particular team, the Raiders. But the 30 year old’s contract is still held by the Seattle Seahawks, which means the Seahawks would have to release him or the Raiders would have to trade for Lynch.

    He hasn't played in a game since January 17,2016.  But at this point it would be hard to see the Lynch to Radier train slow down.  "Marshawn really wants to play for the Raiders," the source said. "He also wants to do good things for his foundation in the area. This is a great chance to accomplish both things."

Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City

Shane Morse

Staff Writer

This is a picture of my character wearing the new ringed knight armor set

By Shane Morse

    What was that I just heard, “Dark Souls 3 is too easy” well did you know the developers of the game heard that? Yeah the newest DLC just ramped the difficulty of the game to where it’s almost incompletable. So to who ever said that Dark Souls 3 is too easy, thank you, the game feels like much more of a challenge than it was before, mostly because everything will kill you in one hit, so thanks.

    Alright so some stuff about this DLC besides the difficulty is how amazing of a DLC it is, it’s the Dark Souls series final game and their final DLC. People who have played the first and second game will understand a lot of the references within the DLC like the ruins of Earthen Peak from Dark Souls 2. Other than the references the DLC starts out pretty crazy, you first teleport to a world that looks like it’s from the movie Inception and you have to run as fast as you can to the next bonfire because there are knights that are basically invincible, there are mages shooting some magic things that track you, and there are the angels which sit in the sky and launch light arrows at you constantly. Once you reach the first bonfire and rest then you have to keep running to the next bonfire because there are 3 angels shooting at you and you have these fat knights chasing you, those fat knights will kill you with one hit and they have a lot of health so you have to just keep running. When you reach the second bonfire, you have to jump down this abyss-like pit and then fight two bosses at once and then once they’re dead they combine and make the Demon Prince. I had a lot of difficulty on this boss battle mostly because I’m on a more difficult version of the game so the bosses would kill me in two hits.

    That was just the first boss of the DLC too, what came after was a bunch of stuff like running from archers, or trying to kill this dragon after running through its flames that would almost kill you in one hit. So the story to all of this is like, you go to the Ringed City to collect The Dark Soul and the way you get that is by killing the final boss, but I found out a way to complete the DLC without even killing the final boss or even going into the DLC. All I had to do was kill the guy who teleports me into the DLC because he drops The Dark Soul, sadly I didn’t do it before he teleported me so I got stuck in the DLC but I know for sure that he drops the item. My friend Nick is always complaining about things like “Oh no why can’t I get any help on this boss, why isn’t anyone here to help me.” and I just sit there and ask them to help me get to where they are but they don’t and still complain about how they can’t beat something. Although all those bad things happen within this game it’s all justified, “it’s Dark Souls” it’s one of the hardest games out there because of how frustrating it is, you go collect some souls and then lose them all because something one shots you so if I would recommend this game I would only recommend it to those devoted to beating this game.

New Paragon Character

Christopher Parker

Staff Writer

Morigesh, by PC Invasion

    Epic games released their new hero Morigesh, a close ranged caster, on Tuesday of this week, in the MOBA game Paragon. My friends and I have played Morigesh on the day of release and we seem to had a good time with her. But she does have some flaws.

    Morigesh can only really be built one way, and that one way is all damage and energy pen (energy pen is used to cut through energy armour which is great for casters since their main abilities are energy). A person could build her with health so she could be more durable, of course Yin can always counter her. Her ultimate seems to be unavoidable but with some characters like Serath and Murial, it can be avoided. “She can be countered by a few heroes like Serath, Countess, and Grim, who can dodge her ultimate ability and I heard Riktor and Crunch are good counters also,” French_Man says over on the Paragon forums.

    Only being able to play one game of her since the every player in the game wants to try her, resulting in her getting picked all of the time. With the bit of play time I had with her she is a really fun character, if she's fed (given a lot of kills) in the beginning of the game, she becomes unstoppable. “Morigesh is extremely OP… I have yet to see a one-on-one win against her. The DOT needs to be nerfed big time - either the number of clicks or the amount of damage.” says Callawaya7 over on the Paragon forums.

She is definitely a great add to the paragon roster. Yet another overpowered and fun character to play!

Exploring the USS Midway

Katrine Kjærulff

Staff Writer

Me in front of the old Navy ship, the USS Midway.

Picture By: Rachel Rice

    During Christmas break I visited the USS Midway Museum located in Downtown San Diego at Navy Pier. I went to the museum with my host mom, Rachel Rice, and my host sister Annella Rice. We had decided long before the break, that along with Thanksgiving, Christmas was going to be the time where we finally got our sightseeing done. Which we certainly did, by visiting Navy Pier, Seaport Village, doing rock climbing, exploring the zoo, again, and much more. I had a great time with my now extended family.

    The USS Midway Museum is a maritime museum located in downtown San Diego, California at Navy Pier. The museum consists of the aircraft carrier, Midway (CV-41). The ship houses an impressive collection of aircrafts, many of which were actually built in Southern California. The USS Midway was America's longest-serving aircraft carrier of the 20th century, from 1945 to 1992. Approximately 200,000 sailors served aboard the carrier over the many years it was in service. As mentioned before it is now laying off the quay in San Diego, the original home of the Navy's TOPGUN fighter school.

    A volunteer working at the USS Midway says that: “I have been working at USS Midway Museum (More than 3 years) Pros: Friendly staff and learn about history of the midway. Great experience and get to do fun events. Cons: Nothing really, you meet great people and do cool learning events.” I would believe that it must be fun to work on a ship as big as the Midway, since it carries so much history to keep on studying about. As a volunteer you get the opportunity to talk about something that fascinates you, which is something I think that everyone would love to do.

    I have always been fascinated by ships, and always loved sailing, which meant I was at my happy place when we decided to visit the old navy ship. It really fascinated me that the number of crew members on board the ship, when in service, reached 4500 men. There is many decks on the ships, and I couldn’t believe the small beds the crew slept in, along with how they even got into their beds if they were on the top bunk. Amongst the many decks my favorite must have been the top deck, because that’s where all the fighter flights were located, which is a completely other thing that fascinates me.

    “It's an awesome place to visit in SD. Make sure to set aside 4-5 hours or more if you want to take full advantage of what's available there from the video to each of the levels. Pro tip, don't miss out on going up the superstructure when you get to the flight deck. It’s definitely an experience. Would come back again given the opportunity!” Is what Wenjie Chen says in a review on Google Review, where he also gives the museum a five-star rating. I would certainly agree with Chen about the amount of time that needs to be set aside in order to get full advantage of the opportunity.

    When I went on the hangar deck I was definitely brought right back to Top Gun, which is one of my mom and I’s favorite 80’s movies. Tom Cruise and his fighter flight have always had a big interest within me, along with my mom as well. I remember her telling me that when the movie came out and she was a child she really wanted to become a pilot, so that she could play Tom Cruise all day long. Unfortunately, her dream didn’t come true, since she wasn’t tall enough. I loved seeing all the aircrafts and comparing them to each other, while thinking about what it would actually feel like to fly one. What a great day!


Nick Reyes

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In Game Battle-Nick Reyes

    The life span of a mobile game can last between a couple of months to an entire year. With Fire Emblem Heroes, a new game made by Nintendo, isn’t much different. From the strategy franchise that accumulated a very large mass of fans, Fire Emblem Heroes on mobile platforms gives out only the bare minimum of what a Fire Emblem game is. Of course even with only the basics of the series present in this mobile game, fans and players such as my buddy Riley Carter says that, “The best part about heroes is it has all of the Fire Emblem characters.” Yes, one of the main key factors of the game’s popularity is giving the long running Fire Emblem fans some bit of fan service, putting characters from every single game in the franchise along with new skills, drawn by different artists, and voiced by different actors, almost making this a mobile game to remember.

    The gameplay is very basic, it’s comprised of putting five units you get by summoning using the in game currency of orbs, once you have your team ready you go out onto numerous different missions, whether it be the main story, paralogues, arena battles, special maps, the voting gauntlet, or the training tower, you will find your time to be pretty preoccupied, as a newcomer to the series Cade puts in, “It kills time.” It doesn’t do just that though, it makes you think, and as my buddy Ian Carpizo says, “It’s an intriguing strategy app that makes you think before you act.” This goes into what the battles are. Depending on the level or mission, you’ll pit your units against five or more foes, each team takes a turn moving their units across a tile based battlefield, like chess. And each character you get from summoning depending on their class can move differently, for instance. The armored units can only move one space at a time, while the cavalier can move around four spaces, but the winged units can move through obstacles on the field at the cost of not having the same movement as the cavaliers. As both teams units get close to one another they clash into battle, and it's probably safe to explain how they battle and how you would win. Each unit you get from summoning will have five different types of stats. There is HP, which determines how many hit points a unit can take before getting defeated, Atk, which determines how much damage you do to a single unit, Def, the higher a unit's defense, the less damage it takes from physical attacks. Res, which the higher the unit’s resistance is, the less damage it takes from magic attacks. Now Spd isn’t required, this determines how much speed a unit has, but it’s only useful if you have five more speed than your opponent, making you able to attack twice when clashing. As your units defeat more enemies they’ll gain experience points depending on how difficult the unit was, when you get 100 XP, your unit levels up, increasing their stats by one depending if that stat levels up or not. When they level up more and more they get whats called SP, which is used for buying skills for your unit adding a buff or certain advantage, for example. I have an archer unit that can only attack from one space away from an opponent, one of her skills called seal attack three makes it so after combat with her, the opposing unit suffers a debuff of negative seven attack on their next turn, making them weaker. This could help out tremendously in certain scenarios.

    One of my own problems is that Fire Emblem Heroes, is your typical mobile game. And guess what that means? It’s pay to win. You see, in order to summon better star ranking units you have to get orbs, where do you get orbs? Well, you get one every time you complete a mission in the main story and everywhere else, but only on the first clear. After the second time going through that same mission grants you no orbs whatsoever and lowers the amount of experience you can get on that map. You can also get orbs by completing side missions that the game gives you like, defeat a certain amount of armored foes or defeat a certain mission on a harder difficulty, but again, this usually grant you one to three orbs to your name, which isn’t enough to summon. In order to summon you need a total of five orbs, but the more orbs you use on one summon the lower the cost gets, so if you want to summon the max amount in one run, which is five times, you need five orbs for the first summon, four for the next three, and three for the last one. Meaning you have to acquire a total of twenty orbs in order to fully summon five units at a time. Which takes time and patience, and sometimes players aren’t patient enough so they buy the orbs with their own money. The lowest amount you can buy is three orbs which isn’t even enough for one summon, and it costs $1.99. The max amount you can buy at a time is 140, costing you $74.99, only giving you 35 summons until you run out, which don’t get me wrong, that’s a lot of summoning and you’re bound to get a good character, but the fact that such a big company like Nintendo would make the very essence of what makes a mobile game a mobile game hard to get, is kind of frustrating, especially if you don’t get good units for two summons in a row.

    Mobile games don’t stick around for very long, which sometimes is very disappointing. With Fire Emblem Heroes, it’s the opposite. It seems like this game is very popular amongst players, but the only thing holding it back is that it acts way too much like a mobile game, making it almost a requirement to give the game some of your money just to progress. The sad thing is, this has also happened with Nintendo’s other mobile game, Super Mario Run, but that will have to be saved for another time. With all that being said, this game gets a decent grade of a 7/10. It’s very decent among mobile games and there’s no argument that the game needs a lot of improvement, which I hope that this month’s update makes some of those needed improvements.