BB and Hatchet

BB and Hatchet

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

Recently in Santee a man had threatened an electronic stores employers with a hatchet and a BB 

picture credit:

Mike Mozart

gun. He shot the BB gun at the workers, hitting one. 

        There were three different robberies where this had happened, and it was the same man. The first robbery was back in February on the 28th. This was when the suspect had threatened a worker with the hatchet. “A loss prevention officer had caught him stealing a camera from Best Buy on Fletcher Parkway in La Mesa.” sheriff’s department and crime stoppers stated. The other accident had occurred at walmart stores in El Cajon and in Santee on March 21. “Around 12:10 a.m. that day, the suspect fired a BB or CO2 handgun several times at a manager at the Camino Canada Walmart in El Cajon while attempting to escape with at least two rifle-style BB guns he had stolen. Around 11 that night, the suspect fired a BB gun at an assistant manager at the Walmart on Town Center Parkway in Santee, but ended up striking another employee in the shoulder,” authorities said.                Fortunately the suspect had left a wallet behind, that belonged to an identified theft victim, and unfortunately the cards did not belong to the suspect and were recently used at three businesses in San Diego. There have not been any descriptions of what the man looks like, but the vehicle he was seen driving has changed during every heist.

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Tobacco Prices Went Up

Taylor Smith

Staff Writer

All tobacco product prices went up two dollars in tax on Saturday. This act is proposition 56 that was passed on November 8th 

Photo By: Mei Mei Chu

This is a photo showing the tobacco product prices went up.
2016 but didn't go into effect until now. This has been an undeciding act since 2006. The increase of tax to tobacco products is supposed to save more lives of children. It is supposed to prevent children from smoking.

Dr. Ray Casciari said, “evidence shows higher cigarette prices can deter some smokers.” Dr. Ray Casciari is a lung specialist at the hospital of Joseph Hospital. The doctor also said, “the hardcre people will still do it. But the teens or the non-hardcore people, they may start to think about it a little more.” The tax currently with the new act passed is about $2.87. This is the first time it has been raised in about 20 or so years.

California used to be one of the lowest tobacco taxes at .87 cents but now since Saturday has one of the highest at $2.87 tax. The extra tax is supposed to go to Medi-Cal health coverage for the low income families in the state of California. It would also help to support cancer research and programs for smokers. It is estimated that about 34,000 California’s die from smoking every year. One out of every nine Californians smoke, but they are mostly adults. Most people seemed to be opposed to the law at first but then realize it is there to help them quit the addiction.

Photo By: C.K. Koay

This is a photo of a vending machine that is selling tobacco products, which shows how popular the product is and why the price increased.

Russian Subway Bombed

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

A bomb was detonated in a busy subway station in St. Petersburg Monday afternoon. St. Petersburg is

People lay flowers in the train station in memory of those killed

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Russia’s second largest city, the explosion killed 11 people and more than 40 people were injured. Just a few hours later police found and deactivated another bomb found in another St. Petersburg train station.

No immediate claims of responsibility were taken from any source of terrorism. The explosion came as a surprise because of President Vladimir Putin’s visit to the city, his hometown. The police were initially looking for two suspects they thought to be radical terrorists, but then stated that they believed this was a work of a suicide bomber. Student and witness Maria Smirnova says, “There was a lot of smoke, there were firefighters everywhere.” the train station was a major station for transfer to Moscow. It is assumed that the bomber left the other bomb at the other station before he proceeded to blow himself up on the train that was involved in the explosion.

There has yet to be any commentary from President Putin, his spokesman saying, “It is up to law enforcement agencies to comment on the issues at hand”. Law enforcement believes the suspect was a 23 year old radical terrorist who came from Soviet Central Asia. All of St. Petersburg’s Train stations were shut down, but some were back in service roughly 6 hours later. All security in train stations have been tightened in Russia, including the largest city, Moscow. The United States has already spoken out, saying that they were ready to offer help to Russia if needed.

The train after the explosion and spectators were evacuated

Photo Credit: The Denver Post

Freeway Shooting

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

Early on Sunday, a 20 year old man from Lancaster was shot in a car on a freeway in La Mesa. “An 

Photo: Bob Ponting

Assailant in another car had fired at least five shots into the vehicle”, California Highway Patrol official stated. For evidence investigation, the freeway was closed for over three hours that afternoon. “The victim was in the right rear seat of a 2005 Infiniti Q45 traveling east in the fast lane of Interstate 8 near Fletcher Parkway at about 4 a.m. when he was shot in the right shoulder,” Officer Kevin Pearlstein said. "An unknown type vehicle pulled up alongside in the number two lane. An occupant or occupants from the vehicle opened fire on the Infiniti with a minimum of 5 rounds being discharged,"

     Pearlstein continued. "The driver of the Infiniti swerved to the left and struck the center divider wall. No other occupants were struck by gunfire." However, there were 3 other people who were also in the car at the time of the gunfire. A 20 year old woman from El Cajon was a passenger, along with a 23 year old San Diego woman in the left rear passenger seat. They were driving to find a stopping place and their windows were in the down position. They were leaving the parking lot and were heading back onto the freeway when the attack happened.

      The victim from the gunshot was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital immediately. Unfortunately there was no information on the suspects vehicle, or the passengers in the car.

Photo: Shutterstock

Sesame Street’s New Character With Autism

Jessica Moreno

Staff Writer     

There's a new muppet in town for Sesame Street. Not just any muppet but one that is autistic and her name is Julia. 

Some of the muppets with new character with autism Julia. Photo by: Children’s television workshop

Sesame street has worked with many autism organizations and hope that when children watch Julia’s episodes that they will understand why she doesn't react to things as a child would without autism.

     Many people have tweeted about sesame street's new addition and seem to be very pleased. Many parents whose children have autism are even more happy about it because they do think it is a great example for kids with autism. Many believe that it is going to be a real big change but in a positive way. Annie Auer’s thoughts on the new autistic character are, “I think that having a new character with a disability is good for kids so they know why one of their friends at school or a kid at the store is acting a certain way.”  

      Julia will be showing many aspects of autistic behavior. She is less verbal and does not interact as the other puppets do with each other and others. Sesame Street has been trying to expand its educational agenda and Julia is one of its steps. Annie Auer agrees it is good to have characters with disabilities and says, “Sesame Street should add more characters that deal with life struggles so kids know more.” Sesame street is hoping to greater children's education about different things and help them know how to react to children in public places with for example autism.

Julia Photo by: TalkRadio

Corrupt US Soldiers Caught Smuggling Drugs Out Of South Korea

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

Two American soldiers that have been based in South Korea have been charged after a drug trafficking 


scheme was revealed when at least $12 million worth of meth was discovered being sent through the military’s mail system, disguised in boxes of American cereal. This is the biggest drug haul ever attempted to be sent through the military’s mail system. “It’s the largest amount of drugs found coming through the APO [Army Post Office],” senior prosecutor Kang Susanna told the Stars and Stripes news by telephone. Approximately 9 pounds of meth was attempted to be smuggled out of the country in this method. The massive amount was worth around 13.6 billion South Korean wons (around $12 million US) and could have been abused by 130,000 people.

     Two South Koreans have been arrested along with the US soldiers involved with the drug trafficking. The police are still looking for four more people, whose names have been given to the South Korean police by the detained South Koreans and US soldiers. The ring was claimed by police to have been run out of Gangnam, which is the same neighborhood as the famous South Korean song “Gangnam Style” was filmed. They suspect this because three ounces of meth and a similar amount of cocaine was discovered in a raid in this neighborhood prior to the discovery of the drugs in the mail system.

      The pair of soldiers received the drugs from California and intended to sell the drugs for a large profit. Their plan would work due to Methamphetamine being the most widely used drug in the Asia-Pacific region. Out of all the countries in the region, the drugs are mainly produced in China and, allegedly, North Korea. The Philippines leader, Rodrigo Duterte began a strong anti-drug campaign when he became the leader earlier last year. Throughout the whole process of the campaign, 7000 people have been killed during the events the campaign has organized. “Currently, one of the soldiers involved is in pre-trial confinement with the Korean authorities, and the second is with his unit,” spokesman Lt. Col. Richard Hyde said in an emailed statement.

Three or Four Rounds of Bullets

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

Friday Morning, officers in Escondido 

received a call at 6:48 a.m. that 70 year old Elizabeth

Betty Seitz had 

picture: Damon Seitz (Facebook) 

passed away inside a home alone in the 300 block area of James Street. Her death was not considered suspicious in anyway. But when officials had arrived at the scene around 7:00, her 40 year old son was in the house. “He was armed with a gun.” Police Lt. Justin Murphy stated. Apparently her son was talking with other officers, and when one of the officers was the only one inside he began threatening the officer before pulling out his gun. The officer retaliated and had fired four or three rounds hitting the man, whose name was later found to be Damon.

Officials had started to perform CPR before the medics had arrived Damon was taken to a hospital and had died later on. “(Officers) had been conversing with the man in the house the entire time they were on scene,” Murphy said. “For whatever reason, the person decided they were going to brandish a firearm and threaten the officer.” Murphy also said that there was no trouble history at the house. Another Escondido police officer Chief Craig Carter said that this week has been a huge challenge for homicide investigators. Along with Tuesday night, 55 year old Catherine Kennedy was shot and killed on East Grand Avenue by a stray bullet. As she was driving down the street a man was firing at someone on the other side of the street. Police stated that gang members hold the responsibility for Kennedy’s death, but no arrest have been announced. “It’s been hard on the department, but the underlying goal of making sure we investigate these things fully is the driving force right now,” Carter said. “Everybody’s putting 100 percent in, and my job is to make sure they are all holding it together and doing well.” On Friday Morning Carter had met with Kennedy’s husband to discuss the rest of the progress for the case, and in the afternoon he had met the family of Damon and Elizabeth Seitz. "We recognize that there are people behind this (incident) that somebody loves and we want to make sure we express our concern as well," he said.

picture: KUSI New’s

Revealing A New Galaxy

Aaron Wright

Staff Writer

While Apple users, especially those who have an Iphone, are currently waiting for the slightest 

Photo of Samsung Galaxy cover art

Photo by: Johan Bos

glimpse of their next best phone, Samsung has already revealed 15 new features of their up and coming galaxy S8. The previous phone, the Galaxy S7, carried on some of its famous features over to the Galaxy S8 so a lot of the features depicted for this phone were already assumed but 10 of the new features of the Galaxy S8 have caught the attention of many. With the strategic release of their leaks of their features from their new phone, Galaxy is looking to gain an even bigger audience this year.

     A big feature in the spotlight is the design of the phone itself, getting rid of the traditional home button and increasing the size of the screen-display itself making the phone closer to its goal of being an entire widescreen phone. The phone's design will also come with a curved feature for both models so either one you get, the screen will be curved on either side of the phone giving the phone an even better aesthetic. Phone reviewer, Chris Smith, tweeted out pictures revealing some sleek finished of the Galaxy S8 while saying things like “The Galaxy S8 will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting Android handsets of 2017”. The Galaxy S8 is also expected to be released with an all new Iris Scanner, a scanning device that allows you to unlock your phone by simply looking into your phone.

     A major con of the Galaxy S8 and the smartphone business overall is that the S8 is highly expected to have the price of the phone itself be raised to a thousand dollars or even more. Along with the price raise, the release date has also been pushed back until April. Samsung was also expected to present at MWC in 2017 and leak out some new information about their phone but they also did not show up to this convention. Since Samsung was busy dealing with their past devices, they hope to reel in their buyers by revealing what seems to be technologically advanced features in their up and coming phone.

Photo of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Photo by: Răzvan Băltărețu

Oopsies at the Oscars

Jamie Shively

Staff Writer

On February 26, 2017, 5:30 PM, celebrities, entrepreneurs, family, and friends, all gathered at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to celebrate the 

Best Actress, Emma Stone’s reaction when hearing it had been a mistake, Ryan Roschke, PopSugar
successes and honors of the celebrities. As many dreams came through that night and new faces from Hollywood were both recognized and honored for their work, dreams were also broken and disappointment weighed heavy.

      The newly released musical, La La Land, featuring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, was definitely a focus of this ceremony. The film was nominated for 14 Academy Awards, including best actress, best director, best original music score, best cinematography, best production design, best actor, best picture, best original screenplay, best film editing, best costume design, best sound mixing, and best sound editing. Of those 14 nominations, La La Land snagged 6 of them.

     When the time to announce best picture had come, the cast and crew held their breath. To their relief, the announcer read La La Land of the card and they fled the stage, overwhelmed with joy and emotion. As a Oscars worker ran out from backstage and began to say something to the announcer, other workers began to take the physical Academy Awards out of the hands of the La La Land crew. He grabbed the microphone and apologetically said, “This was a mistake. Miracle has won best picture. This isn’t a joke, Miracle, come up, you’ve won.” The cast and crew of La La Land tried to look excited for them, but disappointment spread across their face. Best actress, Emma Stone, said that “though it was an accident, it didn’t make it any less heartbreaking. But Miracle was an incredible film and they deserve this award.”

the reveal of the real Best Picture card, Jacob Hall, SlashFilm

Chicago Breaks The Worst Record

Aaron Wright

Staff Writer

The city of chicago breaks a record of going six days without any homicides in its city which is a record that hasn't been seen for four years

Photo of Chicago Police Department Police Car

Photo  by: Brett Gustafson

Today, Saturday, March 4th, the ongoing 6 days ended when a man was found dead on 5400 block of West Ohio Street in South Austin. This man's name was Antoine Watkins,he was 22 years old and after some research, his cause of death was found to be from a homicide.

     Antoines death came six days after the death of a man named James Morris who died on the 3100 block of West 15th Place. This 6 day stretch marked the longest period of time without a homicide since Dec. 3-9 in 2012. Overall there have been fewer homicides this year for Chicago but more shootings as well. There were 520 shootings through this date in 2016 but so far now, there have already been 539 shootings. The last time Chicago had a day where nobody was shot was back in FEb. 28th in 2015.

     Anthony Guglielmi is a spokesman for the Chicago Police Department and was quoted saying "Residents and business owners drive the safety of neighborhoods, and we are there to support them," and also "The credit goes to our community partners."

He also said that there is no individual reason that Chicago went 6 days without a homicide and that there is just promising results coming from the community and that Chicago might just be getting better, one step at a time.

Photo of Chicago Police Department Badge

Photo by: Chicago Police Department

Mexico Threatens Trade War Over Trump’s Border Tax

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

Donald Trump has reiterated his promise to construct a wall in nearly every one of his speeches after 

his election. His ideas to raise the funds to create the barrier have been called a “border tax.” Trump stated previously that he will not meet with the President of Mexico without reassurance that he will “unless Mexico is going to treat the United States fairly.” The president signed an executive order on January 25th, 2017, for the walls construction. The order also states for the government agencies to report on the financial assistance given to Mexico in the past five years. Due to these two things being in the same order, it is likely he will use the money, generally given to them, to fund the wall. The foreign minister of Mexico, Luis Videgaray, has stated his country would retaliate to any tax issued by the US. He also claimed that Mexico did not really need the financial aid given to them by the US. Luis also warned the US that Mexico could put trade limits on states that are mostly reliant on the exports to Mexico for the majority of their business’s income. He claims that he doesn’t want it to have to come to that, when he says "Mexico believes in free trade." The wall has sparked the conflict between the US and Mexico to what it has never been before. Hopefully a resolution to make both parties happy will arise.

White House Bans Press

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

Friday morning before a press conference, the White House released a ban of five news and press

Press Secretary Sean Spicer at the press conference where news outlets were banned

Photo Credit:

groups from the conference. The news groups include CNN, The New York Times, The LA Times, Buzzfeed, and Politico. This has been a huge topic of interest since the beginning of Trump’s war on the media. He issued this ban after repeatedly claiming these groups gave out fake news and only sought out to make him look bad. Both Associated Press and Time were allowed into the conference, but decided to not attend in protest of the other groups being ban from the briefing. President Trump spoke out at the Conservative Political Action Conference that these particular groups were using anonymous and noncredible sources in their articles about his administration. These actions, however, are not new; Trump previously banned over a dozen news sources from his rally during his campaign in 2016. Trump lashed out on Twitter later that week claiming that the news outlets were, “A danger to the country!” with his repeated claim of them being “Fake news”.

CNN Covers from outside the White House after being banned.

Photo Credit: CNN

Trump’s Sweden Comment Causes Questions in Sweden

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

Trump made a reference to an event happening in Sweden during a rally in Florida that sparked conflict 


regarding where he gets his information and the authenticity of the facts used. The statement raising question was “We've got to keep our country safe," he said. "You look at what's happening in Germany. You look at what's happening last night in Sweden. Sweden, who would believe this? Sweden. They took in large numbers. They're having problems like they never thought possible. You look at what's happening in Brussels. You look at what's happening all over the world. Take a look at Nice. Take a look at Paris."

     Sweden questioned which “event” Trump was talking about. In response, Trump made a public announcement with his response to the accusations of him using false information on his Twitter. “My statement as to what's happening in Sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on @FoxNews concerning immigrants & Sweden.” The Swedish Embassy of the US responded with “We look forward to informing the US administration about Swedish immigration and integration policies.”

      The immigration in Sweden has lead to increased rates in crime and overpopulation. Trump was most likely referring to these statistics, rather than one single event.


The Sanctuary State

Aaron Wright

Staff Writer

A lot of noise has grown around illegal immigration and sanctuary for those who are facing hard times and struggles. Due to the high rise in terrorism and civil wars happening in

Photo of California welcome sign to illegal immigrants

Photo by: TopRightNews

third world countries, many  residents of those countries have become homeless and have no food and are looking to other countries for help. Many countries are helping with this cause while America seems to face its own struggle on keeping illegal immigrants. With the new President Trump, illegal immigrants are being deported and are being sent back to their country from which they came from.

     California is one of the main states that house many illegal immigrants in the U.S. and upon hearing this deportation happening, California has declared itself a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. Although, it is not secure or set in stone yet, many people are behind this cause and are for it happening. California declared this threat January 31st of 2017. They hope to restrict how much the illegal immigrant police could enforce when working with the illegal immigrants in the U.S. The sanctuary state meaning is said to mean that there is still connection with ICE and deportation police just at a lesser extent, limiting what they can and cannot do.

     Since this declaration, immigrants have begun to create their own holidays away from work to stand against president Trump. Although California is willing to open its arms to illegal immigrants, they are still trying to retaliate against the deportation in its whole. An argument made is that America is made up mostly of immigrants anyways and that in certain areas the disappearance of some immigrant kids and adults made a sort of significant difference in attendance in those areas.

Photo of supporters of deportation

Photo by: Dr. Rich Swier

Valentine's Day Banned In Pakistan

Christopher Parker

Staff Writer

Valentine's day has been banned in the Pakistan capital, Islamabad, since a judge claims the holiday fosters 

People burning Valentines Day banner 

“immorality and indecency” and violates Islamic values and culture. Taking immediate effect this Monday, the court ordered there could be no display of affection or any valentine related material within the city.

      Sajjad Ayub put up a roadside of rosebuds along a large street within the city. Shortly Men in large vehicles came by and swept all of the flowers off the roadside leaving nothing but crushed flower buds and broken stems all along the street. Shortly after when the men left, Sajjad took out some teddybears he had hidden underneath his stand and went along and laid them up across the roadside. “I’m a Muslim, and I support the court’s action, but it would be a big business loss for me,” he said. As cars pull up, a man in a business suit named Haroon Khan, age 40, a car salesman pulls over and purchases a teddy bear. He says to news reporters “Life is short, If one day a year you give your wife something special to make her smile, what is the harm in that?”

     Pakistan's government has leaned more towards a western kind of democracy, ever since the internet has been allowed since 1992. Pakistanis have been leaning towards western practices while still holding on to their traditional practices. People all over Pakistan have been supporting the holiday by throwing around rose petals and giving people chocolates. Other parts of the country have been holding protests against the day since it goes against their religious beliefs. Sajjad continues to sell his flowers, hoping only for his business not to fail.

Women holding rose petals

The Queen’s 65th Anniversary on the Throne

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

England’s Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 65th anniversary of her time on the throne on February 6th. She has reigned in England since her father, George VI, passed away in 1952 from lung cancer. That marks 
picture from
23,742 days of leadership underneath the 90-year-old Queen Elizabeth. She is the first British monarch to be on the throne long enough to reach a “Blue Sapphire Jubilee”. 
    A Sapphire Jubilee is a celebration of 65 years of rulership in England. The celebration is a 41 gun salute at noon, staged in Green Park by the “King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery” while celebratory music is played by the Royal Band. Although the celebration is expected to be grand, the Queen has expressed her wishes to dedicate the day to her father’s memory. 
    For her, it’s not a happy celebration, because it was not only an anniversary of her leadership, it is an anniversary of her father’s death. The Queen is still going strong and will hopefully maintain the rulership of England for years to come.

Picture from

Pet Medications can be Dangerous to Humans

Jessica Moreno

Staff writer

Having a pet requires responsibilities which include medication for them when needed. 

Pet Medication 

Medications such as flea and heartworm pills can be dangerous to children if not put away properly for children’s safety. During a study co-author Kristi Roberts stated,      “However, some prescriptions, both human and veterinary, could be highly dangerous even at low dosages, especially for small children.” Ohio has a poison center that receives more than 1,400 calls due to poisoning from pet medication with 87% of the calls about children under the age five.

Toddlers can easily pick up pills that pets spit out or eat food with medications in a food bowl. Also if a dog has been treated with some sort of medication lotion or cream, they can get it on their hands and then put their hands in their mouth. Although most poisoning incidents were among toddlers teenagers that take pet medication can cause brutal suffering.  Roberts said that “Many teens mistakenly took pet medication instead of human medication.”

     Pet medications can be severely dangerous and can sometimes cause long term damage. No one can really know the result for anything they take that is not meant for them. Sometimes accidents happen but everyone should treat any pet medication and human medication with the same safety precaution.

Picture from Caring Hearts Animal Clinic

Trump’s First Executive Orders

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

Within the first week of President Donald Trump’s presidency, he has already signed one more order than

President Trump signing Executive order preventing immigrants from Middle Eastern countries

Photo Credit:

President Obama did within the same period of time of his first term.

     The first executive order signed was one that of course, sparked controversy to everyone. His first order was one that would begin the repeal of the Affordable Care Act introduced by Barack Obama. It called for less flexibility from federal agencies to states on complying with the laws surrounding Obamacare. The second was an order to fast track on infrastructure repair throughout the country, this including the Dakota Access Pipeline. This order stirred many emotions from diplomats and celebrities alike because of the increased protest against this pipeline that took place last year. Likewise, there were raised concerns on where the funds would come from. The following was the infamous “Build The Wall” Order. This order promised increased border security along with a physical wall bordering the United States from Mexico. By the same token, he then signed an order that would cut off federal funding for “sanctuary cities” across the country, as well as giving border patrol officers almost complete power to immediately deport immigrants if they have a criminal charge. The order that has created the most controversy though is the one that puts a ban on all immigrants coming from 7 middle eastern countries for 90 days to prevent “Islamic radical terrorism”. This order sparked various protests in airports across the country through the entire weekend, creating the hashtag #LetThemIn. He then signed an order banning all administration officials from lobbying foreign governments, and a five year ban on all other lobbying. The last one that was signed on Monday which sets in the “one in, two out” regulation which goes by with one regulation adopted, two must be thrown out. This is adopted in attempt to regulate the federal budgeting process.

     Although some orders have been unwillingly accepted, there are more that have caused a lot of controversy and protests throughout the country, even in foreign countries like Australia, Mexico, and England.

Trump holding executive order to go further with the Dakota Access Pipeline

Photo Credit:

19 Dead in Southeast Storm

Christopher Parker

Staff Writer

A devastating tornado ravaged through Georgia pushing until finally reaching Florida and killed 19 people leaving 

poor woman grieves over home pic credit: nbcnews

hundreds of families homeless and possibly in debt. The tornado ravaged lots of homes leaving hundreds of people terrified for what may be next for this winter.

“Fifty tornadoes had been reported across the South since Thursday as four separate waves of severe weather wrought havoc,” said Frank Giannasca, a senior meteorologist at The Weather Channel. 

     People all across the south are losing homes and going to have to relocate because of the damage done to the area. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal sent out search and rescue teams from trailer to trailer brushing through the rubbage that's left of the homes people once lived in. Unfortunately seven people had died in mother nature's destruction these past weeks. 

    "This is absolutely devastating," Dougherty County Commission Chairman Chris Cohilas said. The wreckage of the tornado was about as bad as the aftermath of a nuclear bomb. On another note, power lines were stripped in Tallahassee, Florida taking away electricity from over 23,000 people. Fortunately for them, on Monday power was restored to their part of the Eastern Transmission Line. Officials are still working on the wreckage left in for the following states: Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

wreckage left by tornado


Asteroid was Closer to Earth than the Moon and We Didn’t See it Coming

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

An Asteroid, named Asteroid 2017 AG13, flew frighteningly close to Earth yesterday and no one saw it coming. A twitter named @AsteroidMisses 

Picture from

gives the specifics in a tweet it released 4:49AM on January 9th, 2017, “Asteroid (2017 AG13) missed earth by 0.5 lunar distances: diameter ~25 m, velocity 15.7 km/s, energy ~723 kilotons.” 

     The rock was between 80-115 feet tall and travelled nearly 35,000 miles per hour. Eric Feldman, an expert with the news website Slooh, said the asteroid is roughly the same size as the one that exploded above the Russian city, Chelyabinsk, back in 2013. This asteroid caused minor city-wide damage and injury to a few thousand people. A telescope that was specifically designed to survey the sky in order to locate potential asteroids and dangers approaching Earth, failed to notice this rock in the sky. If this asteroid had connected with Earth, it would have created a force equivalent to roughly 35 times stronger than Nagasaki. A document released by the White House that gives a brief summary of the plan if an object is detected very close to Earth. 

    The document tells about a policy that plans to “...improve our nation’s preparedness to address the hazard of near-Earth object impacts by enhancing the integration of existing national and international assets and adding important capabilities that are currently lacking.” Luckily, the document also states that the odds of even a slightly hazardous asteroid impacting Earth within the next 100 years is a hundredth of a percent.

Picture credit

SpaceX Makes History With First Ever Successful Launching and Landing of a Used Rocket

Thanh Ho

Staff Writer

SpaceX has been launching and landing rockets for about two years, and recently has made history. On 

Falcon 9 is a rocket that was created in 2013 for the use of delivering satellites into our atmosphere.

March 30, 2017, a rocket called Falcon 9 took off from Cape Canaveral, Florida. This rocket sent a communications satellite into orbit, which soon landed on one of SpaceX’s drone ships that was floating in the Atlantic Ocean. This rocket was launched already last year and also successfully launched into orbit and landed safely on Earth.

Elon Musk, CEO at SpaceX, spoke about this accomplishment on a live stream. “It means you can fly and refly an orbital class booster, which is the most expensive part of the rocket. This is going to be, ultimately, a huge revolution in spaceflight,” he said. Each new rocket costs over $10 million to build. Reusing and recycling rockets could save hundreds of millions of dollars.

“It’s been 15 years to get to this point, it’s taken us a long time,” Musk said. “A lot of difficult steps along the way, but I’m just incredibly proud of the SpaceX for being able to achieve this incredible milestone in the history of space.”

On March 30, 2017, SpaceX launched and landed the Falcon 9 rocket, which was already used previously and also successfully pulled of the same results.

Wells Fargo Lawsuit

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

Wells Fargo has been ordered to rehire a bank manager in the San Francisco-area after he had reported a potential 


fraud to his higher-ups in the rankings of the banks and to a bank ethics hotline. “He verbally told his managers, and he also called the hotline,” said Barbara Goto, regional administrator for OSHA. “Because of that, he was retaliated against by Wells Fargo.”The bank has denied the claim even though they have confirmed they were aware with the issues in their bank’s hotline.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said that San Francisco bank must rehire the banker who reported the fraud, but also must compensate him with $5.4 million due to the damages and legal fees. The employee was unable to find a job since his termination from his banking position, so the money given to him also includes compensation for the time without work.

“An OSHA investigation found that the worker told his superiors and the bank’s ethics hotline that he believed two employees under his supervision were involved in fraud. Soon afterward, despite a record of good performance reviews, the worker was fired,” OSHA said. Although the ruling was that the bank would have to pay the banker compensation, Vince Scanlon, has stated that the bank will be appealing the ruling and demanding a full hearing of the matter. The appeal has not yet begun and doesn’t have a set date in which the bank will fight for it’s money back.


Senate Opens for Discussion Over Supreme Court Nominee

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

On January 31st President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch, a former judge on the US Court of Appeals, to replace Antonin 

President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Scalia on the US Supreme Court. Scalia passed away suddenly in February of 2016 and since then there hasn’t been a replacement nominated  and accepted by the Senate until now. Gorsuch is known for being on the conservative side of politics and is highly praised by President Trump.

     This past week the Senate finally opened up for discussion on the nominee. This week after comments and speculation that he was impartial to Trump’s agenda, he was called in on the second day of hearings to answer questions on the topic. He swore his impartiality and that he was independent in his thoughts. He reassured the Senate that he would not be swayed by political pressure granted that he is appointed as another Supreme Court Justice. Gorsuch has repeatedly criticized President Trump’s attacks on Federal Judges in the past openly, which reassures the public on his validity. He comments, “When anyone criticizes the honesty or integrity of a Federal Judge I find it disheartening. I find it demoralizing because I know the truth”.

     Gorsuch however did decline on commenting on Trump’s attacks and demoralizing comments on ethical issues and controversies surrounding topics like the Travel Ban and Planned Parenthood. He says, “I’ve gone as far as I can go ethically”. Likewise, he has not locked down his views on topics like Roe v. Wade, the second amendment, and money in politics. He claims that he leaves his personal views at home, and expressed so to the Senate.

Neil Gorsuch accepts nomination at a press conference

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Freeway Shooting La Mesa

Taylor Smith

Staff writer

There was a freeway shooting in La Mesa on early Sunday. A 20 year old man was shot in his car while 

Photo By: Alicia Summers

This is a photo of the police shutting down the freeway where the shooting occurred.

driving on the freeway. A car fired five shots into the 20 year olds vehicle. Interstate 8 is where the incident happened and was closed down for about three hours on Sunday due to the investigators.
     Officer Kevin Pearlstein said, “the victim was in the right rear seat of a 2005 Infiniti Q45 traveling east in the fast lane of Interstate 8 near Fletcher Parkway at about 4 a.m. when he was shot in the right shoulder.” The victim is a man from Lancaster and was taken in an ambulance to Sharp Memorial Hospital after the attack with no life threatening injuries. Officer Pearlstein also stated, “the driver of the Infiniti swerved to the left and struck the center divider wall. No other occupants were struck by gunfire.” The unknown shooter pulled up alongside the victim's car before it and possible other people in the car started shooting.

     The victim had three other people in that car. The 20 year old man that got shot was sitting in the back seat on the right. The driver was a 20 year old man from San Diego. There was a 20 year old women in the passenger seat and a 23 year old women in the back seat on the left. There were in the Denny’s parking lot trying to fix their right back mirror because it got stuck. Then the group went back in the car and went on the freeway where the incident happened.

Photo By: Bob Ponting

This photo shows that the police shut down the freeway and our discussing the crime with other officers.

DNA Test Claims Subway’s Chicken is Only 50 Percent Chicken

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

An investigative consumer program has DNA tested the chicken that Subway, the fast-food sandwich

chain, has claimed is 100 percent chicken. Conducted by a researcher at Trent University’s Wildlife Forensic DNA Laboratory, the DNA test revealed that it was only 50 percent chicken rather than the suggested 100 percent. 

    A Subway spokesman has responded to the tests as being “absolutely false” and is demanding a retraction on their claims. CBC marketplace dedicated an episode to testing fast-food restaurant’s chicken from McDonald's, Wendy's, A&W and Tim Horton's restaurants in Canada came in at 80 percent and 90 percent chicken DNA. The meat is expected to be closer to 100 percent, but the test is affected if the meat is marinated or seasoned. The meats from Subway were the outlier in the test results. "The oven roasted chicken scored 53.6 per cent chicken DNA, and the chicken strips were found to have just 42.8 per cent chicken DNA," the CBC reports. "The majority of the remaining DNA? Soy." 

     Subway cannot confirm the results of the lab testing that had been conducted, but they responded with the claim that “The chicken strips and roasted chicken contain less than 1% or less of the soy proteins, in order to maintain the texture and moisture”. The company has claimed that they will “look into it” with their suppliers.

Taco Shop Robbery

Taylor Smith

Staff Writer

A taco shop in Lemon Grove was robbed on early Monday. There were three masked men involved in 

The Taco Shop 

Photo By: Steven Depolo

the robbery. Each man had a different weapon, one was a shotgun, another was a baseball bat, and the last one was a hammer. At Santana’s Mexican Restaurant the three robbers forced an employee at about two am to open the cash register so they could take all the money out.

      Menzies states that, “Investigators believe at least two of the suspects committed two similar robberies at the taco shops in Spring Valley and Lemon Grove in the past two weeks. Those robbers had weapons similar to the ones used Monday.” The three men were wearing hoodies and either had a mask or bandana covering their face. The police are asking if anyone has any information on the incident or the robberies to call them. The police stated, “There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to a felony arrest.”

     After robbing the store they fled on foot towards Cypress Street. In all the current robberies that these suspects have been in, there has been weapons used. All the robberies have been at mexican food places so far.

Photo By: Miriam Raftery

This is a photo of the three robbers on the surveillance camera.

Motorcycle Accident

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

In Lemon Grove, a motorcycle (1992 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle) rear ended the back of a 2010 Toyota 

Corolla while heading north on Massachusetts Avenue before 7:30 on Sunday. The impact of the car collision sent the bike into the roadside and was thrown off of the motorcycle and passed away on Monday. 

     “The motorcyclist was ejected in the crash and suffered serious injuries. He was taken to a hospital with life threatening injuries where he later died.” According to Sheriff’s Sgt. Jorge Dueno. Luckily the passenger in the Toyota was not hurt. Dueno said “The sheriff's department had launched an investigation into the crash, and although its cause has yet to be determined, alcohol and/or drugs seemed to have been a factor.” 

     But he was not certain on whose favor it was in, the truck or motorcyclist. “No arrests have been made in connection with the crash” He stated. 

A Shot In The Dark

Aaron Wright

Staff Writer

A French police sniper accidentally shot 2 people during president Francois Hollande’s speech A Shot In The Dark in the western city of Villognon. The president was not injured but 2 other bystanders who were at the speech had been shot in the lower half region of the body. The police sniper was located on top of a building 100 meters away from the president when his weapon discharged injuring the 2 people. The president continued his speech and even said “I hope it's nothing serious” and “i don't think so.” An investigation has gone under on the police officer who had accidentally shot the bullet and since the shooting, Hollande has left the city entirely. 

      The police officer was said to have had his safety off at the time and when adjusting his position, had tripped and accidentally fired off a shot that went through the building and hit a waitress and railway employee in the leg. No names or any further evidence has been released of the situation but even speculations that the police officer has shot himself in the foot have been released.

    Other medias said they had seen the police officer jumping up and down due to accidentally shooting himself in the foot. Hollande and other guests rushed to the aid of those who had accidentally been shot.  

Photo of Francois Hollande during speech before shot fired

Burning in Lakeside

Staff Writer

Imoni Douglas

On Wednesday at about 11:10 pm, Lakeside officials were sent behind Andrew Borchers 


house. “My wife came down and told me she heard some explosion noises,” he stated “And said there’s a fire back behind our house.” His wife said that the flames were ten to fifteen feet high, and the noises she heard sounded almost like fireworks. 911 receivers had received calls from other neighborhoods who had also heard the popping noises, and emergency workers had arrived onto the scene. Thankfully when the fire department had arrived, the tall and loud fire was put out. But when further inspection of the car had taken place, deputies had found there was a body inside the car. On thursday, they took more actions towards the body found in the car.  "When deputies arrived on scene they found a vehicle parked off to the side of the road fully engulfed in flames. 

     Once the fire department responded and extinguished those flames and the deputies did a closer examination, they found there was a deceased body inside that car," Lt. Ken Nelson, SD County Sheriff's Dept. said. "They're taking photos, crime scene measurements, trying to determine what evidence is of value here," Nelson said. "They'll collect what they can see, then they'll tow the vehicle back to the crime lab, obtain a search warrant for that and process it for trace evidence and any other items that may be of value to this investigation." Soon they found that the Lexus SUV was registered to 33-year-old Andrea Daves, who lived in Santee, but officials are still not certain that she is the true victim, since the victim's body burns are so bad (They aren’t even sure if they are a male or female.).              Further investigation is needed to even tell whether or not the fire was a homicide. "We're too early on in the investigation to know what we have," Nelson said. "Whether it's a homicide investigation, suspicious death, accidental death, suicide, we don't know." Borcher even told officials that their are troublemakers in the area, and they once had another car fire because of it. "The fact there's a body, is a little scary to me," said Borcher. "Just because earlier that day I had my kids out playing in the field, they run around - they play back there." Investigation is still underway.


Ramona Plane Crash

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

On Sunday, around 2:30 p.m. a plane crashed in the north area of Ramona. The plane was flying out of Gillespie Field in El Cajon as an instructional flight. Officials stated that the plane was a Cessna 172. 

     Shaira Noor, an airline pilot's daughter, was visiting the United States to learn how to fly an airplane. The plane was only holding three people who were in their 20s including Noor. The instructor and other flight student had left the crash site, while calling on their cellphones to call for help. Receivers said that both instructor and flight student had “No idea, where [they] are.” In only an hour search men and women were able to recuse to two wonders and took them to a hospital with non-life-threatening trauma. Only on Monday 20 hours after the plane crash were officials able to find Noors body. Yet the cause of the crash is still unknown.

     Noor’s body was just left at the sight after the searchers had rescued the other passengers. And after hours of searching for recovery efforts, everything was suspended on Sunday during nightfall.

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Trump’s Security Adviser’s Resignation

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

Last Monday, Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, has resigned over Russian controversy. His resignation was submitted after he reportedly lied about the subject he was communicating 

Micheal Flynn

with the Russian ambassador about. The Justice Department has informed Trump about his communications and the potential ability to be blackmailed by the Russians due to his communications and lies about them. "I inadvertently briefed the Vice President-elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone calls with the Russian ambassador. I have sincerely apologized to the President and the Vice President, and they have accepted my apology," Flynn wrote in his resignation letter.

     Flynn resigned in under a month after being appointed to his position. This makes him one of the shortest-serving presidential advisers in US history. Although his sudden resignation will put pressure on the President and Vice President, Michael Flynn is confident that they will handle the situation well and will find a suitable replacement. "I am tendering my resignation, and I am honored to have served our nation and the American people in such a distinguished way.

     I know with the strong leadership of President Donald J. Trump, and Vice President Mike Pence, the superb team they are assembling will go down in history as one of the greatest presidencies in US history,” Flynn wrote in his resignation letter.

Flynn's resignation letter

Cannibal Cop Killer Found Dead

Christopher Parker

Staff Writer

Stefano Brizzi a man who killed a British police officer, ate his corpse and dissolved the rest 

Picture from

of the cops body in acid, has been found dead in his cell. Officials say Brizzi had committed suicide on Sunday, February 5th, at Belmarsh Prison in London.

     During his trial, Brizzi admitted he was inspired by an episode in the popular “Breaking Bad” TV series according to the Press Association news wire service. Police reports say when they went into the house they immediately noticed a foul smell. The smell turned out to be traces of victims body parts cooked, sitting inside of Brizzis oven. Brizzi claimed he did not eat any of the victim's body. He was sentenced to 24 years in prison, but committed suicide three months into his sentence.

     Brizzi had a long history with sex and drugs, especially the drug, amphetamine. He would take the drug at homosexual debauch (a type of orgy) parties to get a rush. In his interview he said "The first time I took it, I kind of knew it was addictive and a dangerous drug, it was just a tiny bit and I said I just want to take a tiny bit, but I must admit I liked it." By February of 2015 his addiction to crystal meth had become so engulfing to a point where he decided to quit his job at the financial services firm for the benefit of others at his workplace. He quotes “I was addicted to crystal meth and this was ultimately the reason why I chose to resign from Morgan Stanley. I was responsible for people, I was supposed to carry on with work and my responsibilities, but my addiction had got out of control and I needed to take steps and break my addiction." He started watching “Breaking Bad” episodes while he was on the drugs, inspiring him to commit the actions he did on the cop. He says “OK, so, now I keep watching my Breaking Bad episode... But I still feel like something is missing. Like a dessert, or something.... Something to comfort me and give me pleasure… The thought just keeps nagging at me... again and again... In the back of my mind... Mercilessly. Obsessively....What if I did it?"

Picture from

Betsy DeVos Appointed as Secretary of Education

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

Tuesday morning, Betsy DeVos was assigned and sworn in as the Secretary of Education for the United States.

Betsy DeVos with President Trump outside the White House

Photo Credit: The New Yorker

DeVos is a known wealthy Republican donor who has openly admitted that she has no experience in education. DeVos was chosen in a historic tie-breaker that was in turn broken by vice-president Mike Pence. The public has been protesting for over two weeks now, this including two defections from her own party.

     DeVos as spent most of her life donating to and promoting charter school, which both her children have  only attended, and is tied to the Reformed Christian community. This has been the first time in history that the vice-president has been summoned to Capitol Hill to break a tie. The two Republicans who voted against her were Senators Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski of Maine and Alaska. Murkowski comments, “I have serious concerns about a nominee of the secretary of education who has only been involved in one side of the equation,” when she announced her opposition two weeks ago. 

     Critics comment that her exclusive experience with charter schools leaves a large hole for the over 100,000 public schools around the country.

Betsy DeVos being sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence as Education Secretary

Photo Credit: CNN

Uber Drivers

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

Uber has become a very popular way of transportation. But has Uber become safer? There have been many people who

imposed as Uber drivers for kidnapping other people. In Ocean Beach, there was a man who was warning other people about fake Lyft and Uber drivers who was trying to get drunk women into his cars. Luckily there was a man who was watching the women leave. “"And she says 'are you my Uber?'" the man said. “I knew for a fact his older model beat up truck wasn’t an Uber and I didn’t see the Uber emblem on his windshield. And he said 'yes I am.'” 

     Uber cars have stickers on the back of their cars to indicate that they in fact are true Uber drivers and are not posers, which is one way that Uber has solved a problem (To indicate which cars have signed up and are truly an Uber/Lyft). The man had taken action and jumped in to stop her from getting into the car and had walked her to her house. This incident was in 2016. But there are also recent threats. During busy nights in Australia, there are drivers who posed as fake drivers and charged others up to 200$ each for a ride home, an Uber spokesperson said that there are “Wait Zones Outside” for passengers to wait for their Uber. In Hollywood, Tanelle Peppers, was in the back of an Uber car where the driver was using his phone at the wheel, and when she had asked him to put his phone down that driver started to curse at her. She started to film after the driver had called the police, telling her to get out of his car on the motorway, but she said she will leave the car when the police arrived. The driver answered her back stating, “you’re not a red-blooded American like I am.” But the driver had gotten out of the car and started to drag her out of the car by her legs, Tanelle protested yelling “Don’t touch me.” When she had reached out to Uber, Tracey Breeden said that the safety of riders and driver is “of utmost concern”, yet these actions keep taking place.

     A woman in Los Angeles was thrown out of an uber's car and had her phone stolen. Her driven had turned the wrong way and had started cursing at her. She responded saying “I’m not paying you to like me, I’m paying you to take me home.” The driver, Tim, had then ordered her to get out of his car and proceeded to try and drag her out of his car. She had sent a complaint to Uber, but never got a response until she started to post publicly on social media about it. Even after that there was not an immediate response. She had finally got an answer back, but it did not help her solution. All that Uber said they could do was ‘deactivate’ Tim from his subscription to be an Uber Driver and refund her, her 4$ cancellation fee.

Boy in the Rainbow

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

A young boys body was swept away by a storm on Sunday in northern San Diego County and was found on 

Photo taken by: Gene Kang

Thursday in the waterways. The boy's name is Phillip Campbell, he is 5 years old, and has been missing since late Sunday afternoon. Phillip’s family said that he had gone out with one of his families friends, Roland Phillip who was 73 years old. They were driving to Riverside County to look at a car for sale. “The pair were inseparable and did everything together”, Family members said. But east of interstate 15, Rainbow creek had spilled over onto fifth street sweeping Roland's car into the creek.

     On Sunday the San Diego County Sheriff's Department and Cal Fire searched that entire area.  But the conditions of which the storm has left it in made the search extremely difficult for authorities to find anything. One day after Roland's body was found within the creek, but Phillip’s body was not found. A Rainbow resident told officials that she had “saw the boy clinging to a tree limb before disappearing downstream” on Sunday. Other witnesses had called 911 reporting they saw the child floating in the creek.

     The search only took off from there. There were people on ground and in air looking for Phillip for over 5 days. Tuesday officials at SDSO had searched by helicopter where Roland's vehicle was found to have entered the river, retracing the tracks of where the car might have started to flow down the river, looking for Phillip. But nothing was found. Deputies stated that their mission was only a recovery mission, not a rescue, as the child had most likely already passed. There were days where the water levels were too high and the rain would not stop making trees fall into the river, causing their mission to become even harder, but even then there were still SDSO rescue and search teams searching the area.

     When Phillip’s body was found officials said “The body discovered was located about a mile away from where Roland's truck and his body were found earlier in the week.” Ryan Keim, a SDSO public information officer, said the case was a true tragedy.  “An incident like this – as heartbreaking and tragic as it – everyone came together, and really sacrificed to find this little boy and to bring some closure for his family,” said Keim.“I think what’s important to realize, is that this is a tragic, heartbreaking day for everybody involved. I can tell you that each of the rescuers out here had that family and that little boy on their mind the entire time they were searching – and through some very treacherous conditions,” he added. “But, that’s what keeps them going, is knowing that they’re there to bring some closure to this family.”

     One of Phillip Uncles, Anthony Campbell, had posted out on his social media a message for all who helped along with family members:

"The search and rescue team have found my nephew Phillip...please join me tonight at Calvary chapel in fallbrook from 6 to 7 for a Candlelight Vigil...thank you for your loving thoughts and prayers may his innocent soul find eternal rest...Tony. Dear God, As we mourn the loss of innocent Phillip We know that our heartache is not hidden from your loving Spirit as we face the loss of this precious child we ask that you comfort us with the knowledge that Phillip now lives in your loving embrace. Amen."

    Friends and family had gathered at Calvary Chapel in Fallbrook on Thursday to say goodbye to Phillip and Roland. Their families said that they will be forever grateful for the community’s outpouring of love and support during this difficult time. Phillip’s cause of death and manner of will be determined at a later time.

Photo taken by: Anthony Campbell

Robotic Barista In San Francisco

Christopher Parker

Staff Writer

In San Francisco the first United States robotic Barista named Gordon has successfully served 120 people an hour 

Cafe X robot with its creator Henry Hu

at Cafe X, 135 4th St, San Francisco, CA 94103.

     "A lot of us spend a lot of time in line waiting for coffee,... and we decided to do something about it." says Henry Hu, CEO of Cafe X Technologies. They designed a robot that can serve hundreds of combinations of coffee using an app. With just a press of a button customers can have anything from caramel chocolate mochas to coffee. The machine is said to be more efficient than a human working at starbucks. The Cafe X is one of the growing fleets of robots being created to serve human beings in services like retail, food delivery, education and call centers.  Paul Daugherty, the chief in  technology & innovation officer at Accenture says “We're an inflection point where technology will get smarter and smarter, and adapt to people — for years, it was just the opposite.” Technology is increasing in intelligence by the day. 

     Starbucks does not plan on getting any robotic baristas since they prefer the person to person connection between its reps. Cafe X can be found in three businesses: AKA Coffee, Peet's Coffee & Tea, and Verve Coffee Roasters. There, people can enjoy Cafe X coffee as of February of 2017.

Cafe X robot serving a coffee cup

New Star Wars Movie ; The Last Jedi

Zachary Cirincioni

Staff Writer

The makers of the new Star Wars Films have released a title poster for the eighth movie in 


the series, The Last Jedi. 

     The movie will be directed by Rian Johnson and is scheduled for release December 15th, 2017. As of right now, there hasn’t been a trailer released yet, but it has been confirmed that the movie is going to take place after the previous movie, so the main characters from the previous movie, Rey and Finn,  will most likely return to further the plot line that was developed in the last movie, The Force Awakens. The actor behind Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill, has been said to appear far more in the upcoming film than he did in the previous film. This would make sense considering the film’s title and the fact that Luke was presumed the last remaining Jedi. Princess Leia’s presence in the movie is also an unknown factor, but it is certain that before Carrie Fisher’s death, her work in the movie was complete. 

     The actors in the movie have done an excellent job maintaining the secrecy of the plot, as no one is sure of the direction the plot will take. Mark Hamill believed that he would not be required to make more movies beyond the ones he did, considering "I had a beginning, a middle, [and] an end. My story was finished," he said.


2017 Inauguration

Last Friday was the 2017 inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Although the weather was not too cheerful, Trump supporters made a good turnout to see the

The Obama’s pose with the Trump’s, welcoming them to the White House

Photo Credit:

45th president elect get sworn in. However, the crowd was significantly smaller than past years, some speculate the reason being the general dislike from a large majority of the country. Rallies, marches, and boycotts took place the days before and after the inauguration against the new president that drew far more attention and population than the inauguration itself did.

      The inauguration was attended by former president’s Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton alongside their wives and former vice president Joe Biden. Republican congress members like Paul Ryan and the “Bad Boys of Brexit” who led the United Kingdom towards exiting the European Union. Singer Jackie Evancho sang the National Anthem to commemorate the ceremony.

     After the ceremony ended, the Obama’s joined Donald Trump and his wife Melania in introducing them to the White House which is where the Trump family will live for the next four years. It is rumored that wife Melania and daughter Ivanka will be also spending much of their home life at Trump Towers in Washington D.C.

Donald J. Trump being sworn in as the 45th president by Chief Justice John Roberts

Photo Credit: Time Magazine

Noor Manteen Captured

Imoni Douglas

Staff Writer

On Monday the 16th Noor Mateen, the wife of Omar Manteen, was put behind bars.

She was held at Santa Rita Jail on tuesday right before her Federal Court appearance, but will be brought back to Orlando to face charges of obstruction of justice along with aiding and abetting by providing material support to a terrorist organization. Omar Manteen was the man who was behind all the 49 deaths at the Pulse Nightclub on June 12th where he had sworn allegiance with ISIS. “She had no advance knowledge of what her husband was planning and should not have been charged.” Her attorney stated.

    There has been new evidence where officers found that Noor and Omar were exchanging text messages during the attacks, but Noor had told authorities she had no idea where he was that night. She was even with her husband when he had gone out to buy ammunition.

“Noor has told her story of abuse at his hands,” Linda Moreno, her lawyer, said “We believe it is misguided and wrong to prosecute her and that it dishonors the memories of the victims to punish an innocent person.” Family members had said time and time again that her husband was very demanding and abusive, that she is 100% innocent. Demetrice Naulings is a massacre survivor, whose close friend had been killed during the event, and he was surprised to hear that she was being charged so many months later. “I’m kind of just shocked,” Naulings stated “I forgave her husband, I pray for her and her kid.”

As for her 4 year old, their close family member had told him that she had gone out trying to  “Find him toys.” They don’t have the heart to tell him where his mom really is.

An Orlando Police officer, John Mina, had tweeted out “Nothing can erase the pain we all feel about the senseless and brutal murders of 49 of our neighbors, friends, family members and loved ones. But today, there is come relief in knowing that someone will be held accountable for that horrific crime.”


Trump Inauguration Boycotted

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

A group of more than 50 House Democrats have joined the list in boycotting January 19th, the day before President-

A chart of the democrats not attending the inauguration

Photo Credit: Fox News

Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. Democrats promised this protest after Trump’s repeated recent criticism of the noted civil rights activist, John Lewis. Trump lashed out at Lewis on Twitter after Lewis made a claim that this was the first inauguration he would not attend, although that was found faulty. However this isn’t the first time Donald Trump has lashed out at the representative.

     The list of Democrats spans across the country, with state representatives like Keith Ellison and famous actors like Mark Ruffalo pledging to protest this Thursday. Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer boasts, “We’d love for every Congress member to attend, but if they don’t we have some great seats for others to partake in.” He also accused the members of Congress of not wanting a peaceful transfer of power.

     Both Trump and other republicans have dismissed the talk about the boycotting, calling democrats “sore losers” who need to get over the results of the election. The boycott will still take place in front of Trump Towers in new York although most doubt it’s influence on the inauguration.

Trump commenting on John Lewis’s promise of not attending his inauguration

Photo Credit: Business Insider