Week 5 (9/18 - 9/22)

A plate of pasta by the Philadelphia Restaurant Week

Sage Zachary

Staff Writer

Restaurant Week 

An exciting Restaurant Week is coming soon! Restaurant Week is an event in which local restaurants partner with multiple organizations to promote their lunch and dinner specials to the public. The restaurants that participate also reduce the prices to their most expensive and exclusive meals to make them more affordable and enjoyable for everyone. 

Restaurant Week started in 1992 in New York. They originally only served lunch; it would cost around 20 dollars for a 3-course high-end lunch. Now they serve both lunch and dinner and make both meals relatively affordable. Get out there and have some delicious fun! It starts on September 24 and ends on October 1. Don't miss out! Make sure to get out there and enjoy some unique and amazing worldly cuisine. 

Different foods on forks by Westchester Restaurant Week

(Pictures from the respective Restaurant Weeks mentioned above)

Raelyn Schoonover 

Staff Writer

Halloween By The Sea

If you are looking for something to get you into the Halloween spirit, starting September 23 through October 29, SeaWorld San Diego is transforming their theme park into a spooky and family-friendly atmosphere for the Halloween season. 

With Halloween approaching, SeaWorld San Diego has revamped their usually ocean-themed facility into a lighthearted Halloween paradise for children to explore. Chrysty Summers says, “I loved how creative they were at merging the sea life themes in with Halloween, all the while keeping it family-friendly and spook-free.” With candy stations all over the brightly decorated park, children and adults alike have the opportunity to roam around and collect candy from each station. If they want a break from running around, they can watch the many shows that SeaWorld offers. Dance parties are also available in the park and wearing costumes is allowed.

SeaWorld also has a section of the park dedicated to the festivities of Dia de los Muertos. The area is decorated with radiant banners. SeaWorld enthusiastically claims that the decor of, “colorful papel picado flags, vibrant ofrendas and large catrinas will invite guests to learn about this traditional Mexican holiday, and take part in this festive celebration of life.” You will never forget the dazzling decorations.

So, if you are looking for something fun to do with the entire family, SeaWorld provides an amazing and enjoyable atmosphere everyone will love. 

SeaWorld’s Dia de los Muertos decorations.

Sesame Street characters all dressed up.

(Pictures courtesy of Sea World San Diego)


Week 4 (9/11 - 9/15)

Sage Zachary

Staff Writer

Family Fun

If you are looking for something easy and enjoyable to do this weekend, this is definitely something to consider: this weekend, the San Diego Bayfair is taking place and brings with it fun for everyone! The San Diego Bayfair takes place in Mission Bay and entertains with activities such as boat racing and fireworks. It is 30 dollars for a ticket, so you must get them before they sell out if you’d like to attend the fair.

The San Diego Bayfair has been a tradition for many years. The fair first started in 1964, which would never have happened without long-time hydro boat racer Bill Muncey. He was the one who mapped out the track and pressured the city to host this event. The Bayfair is non-profit and is made to give people a weekend full of fun and opportunities to learn about some of the rich history behind San Diego's hydro boat racing.

(Pictures from top to bottom courtesy of SanDiegoBayFair.org and the Sane Diego Reader, respectively)