Sultan Robotics

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Taylor Smith

     Santana’s Sultan Robotics went to Venture this past week to compete in a competition. Out of 42 teams, our robotics got 27th which is an extreme accomplishment. The team has builds about every month and sometimes every week depending on when there competition is. Everyone on robotics works long hours on making sure our robot is the best it can be for competitions. The robotics team left on Wednesday, after school, and came back Saturday night while the competition was on Saturday.

        The robotics president, Colton Gerry, states that, “We were still working on the robot, we didn’t do to well because it was our first time there but we are ready for vegas. Improving wise we could try something new instead of trying to do all the aspects of the game and focus more on the gears because it scores more points in the game.” Beth Anne schad said, “I feel the competition went pretty okay. It was our first time in Ventura and we were getting used to the teams their. We learned a lot about the game and how we can improve the robot to be ready for Vegas.”

      The competition set up was on Wednesday, while Thursday was the practice rounds so the teams could make sure they were ready. Then Friday and Saturday were the competition days, but Saturday was the main one. The team has meetings at the beginning of lunch every Wednesday for a few minutes. They also have a group chat and a social media account to promote their team.

Tristen montez

Staff Writer

Firefighters Quickly Extinguish Blaze At El Cajon Home

On the day of March 16th, police and fire the fire department got called to a fire in a house in El Cajon. El Cajon Fire Department says, “The fire in the 300 block of Minnesota Avenue, near Avocado Avenue, was reported around 3:30 a.m.” When fire crews were sent to the house they did not know how the fire started. What investigators do know is that the fire started in the bedroom and quickly escalated from there.

The firefighters were able to get to get there quick enough and put it out in time before it managed to get worse. Pedestrians down the street said, ”when I was walking down the street I smelt something burning and notice flames coming from one side of the room.” The residence of the house are said to be staying with friends, or family for the time that their house is being used for an investigation.

Everyone in the house exited without having any complications. No one was injured in the fire due to quick thinking of the residence living there. Police find it a bit suspicious that no one knows how the fire started, so they will continue to investigate the incident. It could have been just a simple electrical fire or possibly something bigger.

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

The Old Globe Field Trip

      Last Thursday, Mrs. Garrison, an english teacher as well as our wonderful journalism advisor, arranged her annual field trip to the Old Globe Theatre to see a production. The theatre is located in Balboa Park, San Diego which happens to be on the list of being one of the best theatres in the country. This year the production was Picasso at the Lapin Agile written by Steve Martin and starred Jason Long and Philippe Bowgen as Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso. The play also featured celebrities like Luna Velez from the hit show Dexter, Donald Faison from Scrubs and Clueless, and Hal Lindon from the show Barry Miller.

       The play takes place in a bar, The Lapin Agile,  on October 8th, 1904, at a time when neither Picasso or Einstein had achieved any true success, they were just trying to find their footing for the rise of the 20th century, which they both believed would be the greatest century in history. They find inspiration and the true meaning to what art is and can be. Taylor Smith in the journalism class comments, “I think both science and art can be viewed as art, it just depends on what kind of person you are”. The play does outline and give insight on what different people’s definition of art and beauty is.

     The students were treated with a talk back of the cast at the end of the play, where they were able to ask the cast questions. The cast commented that the audience of 7+ schools has been the greatest audience that they have had while performing this production. The cast also stopped for pictures outside when heading on their way home. Chance Cate says, “I really enjoyed the play, I liked the satirical comedy”. A big thanks goes out to Mrs. Garrison for taking her students.

Tristen Montez

Staff Writer

Motorcyclist Killed In Head On Collision

On Sunday, April 2nd authorities said, that a motorcyclist was killed and the other was injured when they had a head on collision with a car traveling in the opposite direction. "It appears that two motorcyclists were traveling southbound on Jamacha Boulevard at a high rate of speed when one of the riders drifted into the northbound lanes of oncoming traffic where he collided with an oncoming northbound vehicle," Kirk said.

The accident happened around 4:oop.m on Jamacha Boulevard at Vista De La Valle. "The second rider continued southbound, eventually losing control of his motorcycle and sustaining serious injuries as a result of the collision. Rider that got killed was pronounced dead at the scene but was still taken to the hospital for further confirmation. The other motorcyclist is in a stable condition being treated for his injuries. "It is unknown if alcohol was a factor in the collision," Kirk said.

Andra Vasquez

Staff Writer

Mr. Johnson’s Final Concert

Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Johnson held his final peace week concert held in the large quad. This annual celebration takes place in order to create peace within the school and was introduced after the 2001 shooting that took place at this same time of the year, March 5th to be exact. The Peace Council coordinates games and activities throughout the week, and Mr. Johnson loves to contribute his part of peace by gathering his classes and throwing a concert during lunch.

    Throughout the beginning of second semester, he distributes song lyrics to all his classes and they practice these various songs throughout their time together. Along with the song, Mr. Johnson choreographs a dance number and teaches the students so at the end of the concert, they end with a final bang. Because this is in fact Mr. Johnson’s final year teaching after 37 years both staff and students felt he deserved something extra special. Diane Johnson, the wife of Mr. Johnson has for the past year been coordinating for Switchfoot, the known favorite band of Mr. Johnson, to come and perform with him. Originally, it was her intent for them to come to his retiring party and perform, but due to scheduling issues, they agreed to come crash his concert. 

      Former and current students and staff surrounded the quad to support Mr. Johnson all aware of the surprise in store besides the man himself. Mr. Johnson exclaimed in shock and then sang “Where I Belong” with a choir of students behind him. John Foreman, the lead singer if the band expressed, “We feel extremely honored that you teach and sing these songs to your students, that’s the greatest honor for us as artist’s”. The band stayed to take pictures with the students and interviews, as well as to view the choreographed dance Mr. Johnson put together to Switchfoot’s song “Let It Out”. After the concert ended the band went back to Mr. Johnson’s film lab for pictures and a friendly conversation. Mr. Johnson comments, “What I experienced was  a circle of love and joy… I was loopy with delight to sing with Switchfoot”.

      Staff and students, both current and past, give a huge thanks to Mrs. Johnson for organizing this amazing gift to our teacher who has touched so many lives through his many years of teaching. Lastly, another immense thank you to the man himself; Mr. Johnson. Thank you very much for the constant love you radiate onto this school and your students.